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:: The crowd slumbered and even the usually boisterous Carib Beer girls gave up trying to get the spectators enthused:: They are like cartoons with their bold lines bright colours and flat shapes:: I gratefully let my smile fade as I tried to block out their incessant chatter :: You dont have to be the most outgoing or chatty person in the world because in student villages there are so many people that are in the same boat as you are and you have no choice but to start bonding:: So maybe we are supposed to decide for ourselves if he is just the class clown or not:: In fact if youre about to confess to an affair and you havent given your wife flowers in the last ten years a lavish bouquet will probably get the message across without you having to do any talking at all:: Lest the Gods of Indie strike me down I have a confession to make that could well ruin the few hip credentials in my possession:: I remember how despondent and disheartened we were as the doctors findings were reported:: Logically if one follows the common mores of the west the intent to do harm would be evil :: If I promise you that will you go away and stop risking your fool neck to Kevons temper:: But its foolish to think that what worked once will work again:: And if youve been paying attention to these which you are most likely not you will have figured much of this out long before Mike and Terry finally do as they are gallingly slow on the uptake the downtake and every other kind of take:: handle the fruit carefully:: I never imagined I would be laying here with the scent of incense and jasmine filling my nose lying this close to anyone nearly drowning in them:: As the blood supply for the scalp is so good any knock received tends to bleed profusely resulting in blood everywhere and bruising as a result:: If the cameras are too close together it will create a bottleneck as people drive within the limit :: Are there enough mental health professions to deliver the therapy that is needed:: They are so passionate about their football and it is beginning to show in the quality of the players:: In terms of food it is usually a roast suckling pig and rice but it can even be a sandwich:: He listened with rapt amused attention to what I told him about the role of LSD in his Nobel Prizewinning discovery:: The film treats him as a complicated character both repugnant in a grueling scene he confesses his problem to his own young son and pathetic but not particularly gay even in code:: This iron Phalanx repulses the wave of Trojan attackers:: His passionate advocacy has earned him the love of comaaffected families and the scorn of the medical profession in equal measure:: Then watch in fear surprise and alarm as the local copper enters the tunnel at the other end on his pushbike:: :: The film that creates such an atmosphere of despair that I begin to tense up and get nervous:: This was a very tough exciting match and at half time we were down 2 tries:: When I got back to the table I stood behind Papa slipped my arms around his neck and bending down kissed his whiskery cheek
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