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:: The drill improves execution strengthens rebounding ability and builds confidence :: He was confident of winning with a stoppage and Im sure he would have done if hed had the chance:: I gritted my teeth as I carefully untied the knot in the ribbon:: nobody seems to know:: Revenge and death he muttered trying to rouse anger to replace the sudden fear that coiled in his belly:: A chorus rousingly sings the fulllength anthem for each branch of the military:: Being in the Army the mercenary had maps of every conceivable place on the planet:: I cant stomach the selfrighteous attitude of some managers:: Great writing for the theatre be it Shakespeare Chekhov or Miller fuels and invigorates the performer as its being spoken:: He was a teenager in the grip of a strong young passion and Bess was his unattainable beloved:: The film also continues the onscreen relationship of Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine though here his love is requited unlike in The Apartment:: He is always incisive and insightful and understands Wagners epic character almost as well as anyone:: The code of conduct stipulates among other things that lawyers should conduct the cases in a respectful manner restrains them from acting with incivility rudeness or showing disrespectful conduct to the presiding judge:: A crossword is just a set of blank spaces so how did he know the clue referred to him:: But for some strange reason he is drawn to this clueless blond bimbo like a moth to a flame:: The piece is written with an almost amused incredulity at the sheer gall of the scheme:: These scoundrels succeed in politics only on the basis of their guile their cunning or basically their ability to delude people into falling in line with the rhetoric they throw up:: All the refugees on the projects books have one thing in common a desire to get a job and earn an honest living:: Some coffee shops and cheap restaurants were open and even the citys doubledecker public buses were moving in very light traffic:: The practice becomes illegal when done surreptitiously to cheat the consumer or defraud the taxman:: The primary use of zinc is in galvanizing other metals especially iron and steel:: surprising results:: Ill usually bolt out of bed and stumble around as if drunk in an effort to find the obnoxious noise and shut it off:: We followed him into the house trying not to look too much like tourists with our mouths agape :: There are plenty of hoots and whistles derision for the womans coy smile and smearedon lipstick:: Armagh struck me as a tired team and may be a spent force
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