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:: Youd wonder why somebody would go to the lengths to fake something like this:: For the next hour or two they engage in serious debate silly gossip or frivolous prattle:: It was indeed a confluence of active minds from various schools in Madurai district:: He started to cry tears of bitterness and regret for a past he couldnt change for the love he needed taken from him so many times:: Her dance cavorts playfully between elegance and tease a spin of the sari around her and her perfectly toned midriff is exposed but for a swift moment:: The maximum cruise speed of the aircraft is 500 km per hour and the altitude ceiling 9500 m:: They played with the spirit and gumption that made them world champions resisting all temptation to throw in the towel or play for outright draws:: The theory behind this global community outreach program of mine is that the quickest and easiest way to sap the power out of racial slurs and stereotypes is to dilute them with a bunch of nonsense:: And today as evidenced by the drowsy street outside was the day of rest:: They needed a reason for drudging through practices with no hope for a postseason:: The competition consists of the school teams going head to head in a mock trial with a real judge acting as adjudicator:: I wondered why the member had to seek leave to do that in this particular instance when the vote has not yet been put:: He did however describe the awards haul as a real privilege a tremendous honour and a real achievement:: The difference is whites will still have the advantages of their previously privileged lives:: To my possibly demented mind there did seem to be something unique even comical about the framing of the issues:: The planning process on the other hand enjoys the benefits of sequential planning:: No he replied and smiled seraphically as was his wont:: Stories abounded of clubhouses camping trips high phone bills illnesses school proms and as the children grew older lovesickness :: David was a very loving husband and father and he will be sorely missed:: The solitary field is often stocked with brown Welsh mountain sheep:: It is a creature of solitude travelling alone and a splendour in the bush:: Losing honorably may signify lack of preparation but dishonest winning signifies lack of character:: Carl was now fully enraged with the audacity of the brash detective:: The two brave warriors are about to be absorbed:: the tyre was flat:: None of these essays is sanguine about the current situation but all three offer positive views of the future:: I was always astonished by Leah in the mornings joyful to see Will in his lazy carelessness at breakfast:: she looked at him in astonishment:: Difficulty sleeping eating or concentrating irritability and jumpiness especially when a plane flies overhead or when around tall buildings are all possible symptoms
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