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:: The winners arms raised in triumph the loser sprawled in disconsolate resignation:: He whined and muttered discontentedly under his breath:: When the two of them had left her to be in the room on her own she stretched out on her bed like a lazy cat then curled over onto her side:: After flying for about 20 miles I finally got it up to 1000 feet cruising along at a nice 110 knots:: This is unlike other funds which churn their portfolio in a neverending search for hot stocks:: Please spare us any more of your bad manners chutzpah irony and hypocrisy:: I love Brady because he never misses a week and he rarely does anything to lose you games:: He lowered himself while Jason stood just below him to catch him if he fell:: It seems that in situations such as this politics become incompatible with conscience principle decency and selfrespect:: He was one of the very few people of principled honesty that I had met thus becoming an inspiration to me and will be deeply missed:: Still not everyone is entirely amused by such technological marvels :: The Central meanwhile were left to bemoan their lost opportunity to strike out:: In addition bus and trolley fleets will be renewed and upgraded:: The unspoken truth is that either as a people we were misled or we were lied to about the real reason for this war:: Like all gun dogs and hunters this breed needs lots of energetic exercise to remain fit and healthy:: Now people are saying were pumped were ready to vote tomorrow we are really energized by this election:: Follow this with a massage of the painful and aching areas with the following ointment:: There is a genteel air of comfort and prosperity here and a crisp and clean environment only adds to it:: The other volunteers made a big effort to show me the ropes and I was comfortable in no time at all:: For day wide tweed trousers a crocheted sweater a poncho and a hat is a great flamboyant look or a wrap dress and a bright yellow or green tweed coat with blue tights and fabulous shoes:: This would have been appropriate had it not been for the nagging sensation that the emptiness should be credited to the actor and not the character:: The news media have also become more sensational more prone to scandal and possibly less accurate:: They hit their lines in the script with an unusual sense of urgency and concern:: It misrepresents the nature of the choices ahead for the Australian labour movement:: Anyway if you feel the need to be pasty wan and outraged you can always write to me and tell me how you feel:: He makes sure the feasting and dancing and joyfulness continue:: Its joyousness seemed to stand for the festival as a whole:: the joy of being alive
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