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:: When the gymnast misses the beam the device instantly picks up the slack on the gym elastics preventing her crashing to the ground:: Little or no mound fill was added to the westernmost edge of the mound with the contours of this area remaining essentially the same as the natural bluff ridge:: The light was alone shining its brilliant rays into the nothingness:: People are rightly concerned about whether we are safe from attack:: You let the phone ring twice before answering lest you appear overly eager :: Do us a favour Read this book and listen to this tape:: Use a palm sander to flush the edge of the plywood in line with the doorframe:: Intelligent and obedient this breed also has a character full of fun :: it was funny as hell:: I thought goofballs disappeared along with bennies zoot suits and Vault of Horror comics:: Thank you Kait he said grinning almost goofily :: he was a real hit with the ladies:: He didnt seem the kind of guy who would just get talking to a stranger:: With due respect to your person I kindly wish to ask for your attention and consideration just for a while:: The family thanks them all for their many kindnesses good wishes and expressions of sympathy and wishes that in lieu of flowers they make a donation to a charity of their choice:: Postmoral traditionhating libertines might do well to pause in the midst of their celebrations to consider this:: His eyes gleamed in the dark round face mad with despair:: I was so maddened by this disc I almost decided not to review it or to recommend no one buy it:: Theres lots of women and kids at Napoli but theres also this atmosphere of chaos and madness too:: Once again contrast piping or toneontone jacquard prints are a great way to break up the monotony of solids:: Then bursting out from behind the trees the same monstrous face appeared beneath a dark hood:: People lose their nerve in the middle of a sentence and walk off muttering they sit and brood by themselves and best yet all the time people are getting stupid drunk:: We were pretty stressed and nervous about taking Arthur after the horrible accident of last weekend:: It is one of my aims to try to raise the level of awareness of the charity in the area and to encourage recruitment:: their UEFA Cup romp against the Luxembourg parttimers:: Anyway my boss was a scatterbrained but really sweet woman at first:: During his journey he had used the knives to skin rabbits caught by his dogs:: It is as if the novels intellectual and ideological muddle is merely a superficial layer of flotsam bobbing on a boiling sea of emotion:: United are still in the relegation zone
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