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:: As the church became legal and martyrs therefore less likely sainthood was applied to those who were exemplary in other ways:: It will now have to look at it again but the controversial issue will first be debated at full Council:: At its simplest the aura may take the form of a familiar odour or more commonly a disagreeable or even disgusting one:: His final throw on the subject of alterations to the bill before publication came on the 14 February:: One of the little dogs looked up at her and then sprang to his feet bounding over to her his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth:: Instead she spent lonely hours at home scared that she may never hear again:: Some of them are loners but the loners usually keep to themselves and many dont like to roam the streets at all:: Their attempt to soften the electorates impression of her as a scientific cold fish is one of the few amusing spectacles in a grim political landscape:: So with changes in k the core for this example progresses from an interval to a point to the empty set:: They may rely on as simple an explanation as that of a print of a coin in wax or they may like Wittgenstein use examples such as the structural analogy between music and the groove in a gramophone record:: I still remember a lovers quarrel last February when Id walked desolately along Madison Avenue only to come across a small crowd gathered around the store:: Theres a lot of love in my heart for several of your local bootyshakers:: Yet we often fail to articulate this doctrine clearly even to ourselves:: John you have my word well talk about those other officers and what theyre struggling with right now:: So what does anything of this dreary autumn reminiscence have to do with politics:: A dozen red roses will be a popular choice among men wanting to woo the woman in their life:: By this stage I wasnt babbling more like gibbering :: On this occasion there are five girls two giddy with alcohol and two teenage lads building cannabis joints looking cautious about my motives:: Why do I feel like this when I know when reason tells me that my love is unrequited :: Three years of heartbreak and pain has ended for a Rochdale woman with the birth of a baby boy:: Although Gloria was heartbroken she continued her fight but the cancer grew despite radiotherapy:: Mrs Strong said that unscrupulous landlords in the area were attracting unruly tenants:: All he knew was that that laugh sounded like nothing he had ever heard before:: They have been jilted at the altar one too many times:: :: Leaning close to whisper in his ear I felt his body shudder :: His enemies prefer to see him as a victim once again of his own arrogance of hubris and an addiction to taking himself too seriously
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