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Nick - (छेद) :: At the height of the demonstrations we were called up from our South London nick to support the Norfolk guys

Confession - (इकबालिया बयान) :: Lest the Gods of Indie strike me down I have a confession to make that could well ruin the few hip credentials in my possession

Investigator - (अन्वेषक) ::

Homicide - (मानव हत्या) :: One of the five detained during the weekend was held in St Vincent on Friday by two local policemen one from Homicide the other a detective

Roundsman - (roundsman) :: The roundsmen raced from house to house arms laden with milk bottles while the horses ambled steadily forwards


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Constant - (लगातार) :: And from a total of 33 constant friends only half a dozen are bosom buddies

Construct - (निर्माण) :: For the most part people read books to construct a favorable selfimage for themselves

Construction - (निर्माण) :: The barn was a wooden construction with a corrugated iron roof and only a wide opening for a door

Consult - (परामर्श करना) :: After changing jeans and shoes he went down to the drawing room to consult the address book beside the telephone


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Misanthrope - (मानवद्वेषी) :: Where do those of us who are already parttime misanthropes go when people seem even worse than usual

Misconstrue - (गलत समझें) :: To make this mistake is to misconstrue the personal nature of power

Misnomer - (मिथ्या नाम) :: to call this neighbourhood policing would be a misnomer


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Emissary (दूत) :: He sent his agents emissaries to her with fabulous temptations but the virtuous 1ady rebuffed them one and all

Aback (अचंभे) :: Once the boat has tacked the jib will be aback

Warlike (जंगी) :: He was awarded a distinguished performance of duties in warlike operations as the Medical Officer of HMAS Stuart during combat rescue operations in the Persian Gulf

Invitation (निमंत्रण) :: This is no lesson in morality but an invitation to seduction

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