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Shipping - (शिपिंग) :: Even including the cost of shipping you can save money

Cheque - (चेक) :: Those who failed to pay up on the spot by cash or cheque were arrested and taken to Bingley Magistrates Court to be dealt with

Window - (खिड़की) :: it fell out the window

Splurge - (शेख़ी) :: I can hold back on splurges when shopping anywhere but the restrain only lasts so long and if Im shopping alone then it lasts hardly at all

Hardware - (हार्डवेयर) :: When you replace the toilet seat go with with either plastic or brass hardware


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Door - (द्वार) :: Then between five and six hes out the door for a walk or on the exercise machine for a workout

Dot - (डॉट) :: Does it have a second dot or a rest after the first

Double - (दोहरा) :: Interest switched to its flowers once the first varieties with double blooms were bred in Belgium in 1815 by M Donckelaar

Doubt - (शक) :: The awful truth is that I doubt the relaxation of the licensing laws will make much difference in fact if they slow down these binges the new hours might even help

Down - (नीचे) :: Mr Rogers said last spring he stopped an attempt by the council to chop the tree down and believed it was now safe


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Scapegoat - (बलि का बकरा) :: Asylum seekers should not be scapegoated for our longstanding social problems

Scrupulous - (ईमानदार) :: Seeking to protect his pregnant wife gangster Gui decides to give himself up to the authorities only to find his act of selfsacrifice results in the loss of everything to less scrupulous rivals

Scrutinize - (ताकना) :: In sufficient numbers this message would get out through the party scrutinizers they cant keep a secret


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Barker (रिवाल्वर) :: Economists bankers and executives equated ad men with sideshow barkers while scientists considered psychologists no better than fortunetellers

Jasmine (चमेली) :: Yellow Jasmines are little coned shape flowers that you can find growing like a vine on trees

Pornographer (बढ़ती) ::

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