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Southpaw - (खब्बा) :: It was a rare boxing pairing of southpaws and perhaps an even rarer scenario in that Judah won a 12round split decision after fighting nine rounds with a fractured left hand

Batter - (बैटर) :: He was a first baseman and a lefthanded batter and I admired the way he played

Fumble - (टटोलना) :: A scramble from a corner and a fumble by Jones almost conceded a second goal to the visitors as Ilkley found it difficult to cope with the commitment and determination of the Stanley players

Shaft - (शाफ़्ट) :: This type is characterized by a square cross section and an offset shaft that served to seat the awl in a bone or antler handle


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Crowded - (भीड़) :: Heres are some typical scenes in the Booth we were always very crowded

Crown - (ताज) :: the crown of the hill

Crucial - (महत्वपूर्ण) :: Insight understanding and enjoyment are the keys to making newspapers crucial

Cruel - (निर्दयी) :: But I cant for the life of me understand why anyone would wish to be cruel to another living creature

Crush - (क्रश) :: He said other staff warned the teacher that the youth might have a crush on her which should have been a warning sign but she became more attracted to him


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Pique - (मनमुटाव) :: So I think senior colleagues made the wrong decision but I cant say they made the decision in a fit of pique or envy

Pith - (मज्जा) :: So anyway the story is short and lacking in pith

Pivotal - (केंद्रीय) :: The homefield advantage has proved pivotal in at least one direct matchup

Placate - (तसल्ली देना) :: Placaters are the children who will lose track of their own feelings and opinions and base every decision on their ultimate desire to bring peace to the family

Placebo - (प्लेसबो) :: This finding was confirmed by a study that randomised 112 patients to treatment or placebo


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Belay (कसना) :: The second climber below is attached to the lead climber and its his or her job to belay the lead climber in case of a fall

Formic (चींटी-संबंधी) ::

Regale (दावत देना) :: I caught up to Dan and walked to class with him listening as he regaled me with a fascinating account of his weekend

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