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Pancake - (पैनकेक) :: For dessert the choice is limited to pancakes creme caramel or fruit salad

Corn - (मक्का) :: Initially corn was a garden plant valued for early maturity and easy food preparation

Cucumber - (खीरा) :: I chose a green salad with cucumbers and lettuce perfect with some salt and the balsamic vinegar and my companion ordered a green salad with tuna

Leek - (हरा प्याज) :: Dishes in olive oil included stuffed vine leaves cabbage and artichokes leeks and spinach boranaki

Server - (सर्वर) :: The altar servers were Ashling and Niamh Farrell and Nellie Casey


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Limit - (सीमा) :: If the cameras are too close together it will create a bottleneck as people drive within the limit

Limited - (सीमित) :: The fund invests in companies that are expanding or restructuring and to a limited extent in startup companies

Line - (लाइन) :: Dunne was on hand to bundle the ball over the line

Link - (संपर्क) :: And Ill tell you Im prepared to link arms with John and others and get this done

Lip - (ओंठ) :: His voice was shaking slightly as he spoke and his lower lip trembled


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Emulate - (अनुकरण करना) :: Amanda talks about how she wishes Tom would emulate his father in only one respect his attention to personal appearance

Endorse - (समर्थन) :: The House of Councillors voted 210 to 23 to endorse the bill to revise the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law

Endow - (प्रदान करना) :: He had been an ardent supporter and endower of the Abbey and is fitting that he should be buried here

Endurance - (धैर्य) :: A Swindon doctor and marathon runner looks set to finish the ultimate endurance test in the Sahara Desert


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Whatsoever (जो भी) :: We are going to add some to our existing hedge as well since there seems to be no top soil whatsoever left in it

Engage (संलग्न) :: they attempted to engage Anthony in conversation

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