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Regulation - (विनियमन) :: But how should the process of regulation be managed

Regulator - (रेगुलेटर) :: Some form of investigation would be appropriate and this should be independent of at least the industry and the regulators

Analyst - (विश्लेषक) :: The claims of seemingly legitimate analysts posting commentary online could not be ignored

Enterprise - (उद्यम) :: It is scientific economic friendly to both enterprise and the environment and it works

Statement - (बयान) :: The only evidence from Mr Parks is the statement taken by a police officer


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Otherwise - (अन्यथा) :: And at night the procession of lighted carriages dashing through the otherwise dark and quiet countryside was a sight to behold

Ought to - (करना चाहिए) ::

Our - (हमारी) :: On our side we went down to the Royal Society with a group of people from the lab

Ours - (हमारा) :: They were searching for the origins of their creation just as we search for ours

Ourselves - (हम) :: We could make substantial savings if we all conduct ourselves in a proper manner


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Plaintiff - (वादी) :: The plaintiffs engaged the defendants as their solicitors to act for them

Plaintive - (दर्दनाक) :: From a whooshing gurgling still comes the ringing plaintive and mournful

Plaque - (पट्टिका) :: This involves a thorough clean and polish of the teeth to remove the sticky plaque that can build up

Platitude - (साधारण बात) :: Gone are some of the moral platitudes and in their place are actual critiques and questions

Plaudit - (शाबाशी) ::


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Corrode (क्षय) :: The twisted and corroded metal is situated in the memorial garden

Conform (अनुरूप) :: They said the move was because it was not possible to renovate the building which they had occupied since 1956 to conform with new care home standards

Recapitulate (पुनरावृत्ति करना) :: Let us begin by briefly recapitulating the novels plot

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Meaning :: दिलकश, रमणीय, सुस्वाद
Adjective :: दिलकश, प्यारा, सुहानी, प्रभावशाली, मनोरंजक, करामाती
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