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Allele - (एलील) :: Variation within a population is due to the presence of multiple alleles of a gene

Contract - (अनुबंध) :: health authorities contract a hospital to treat a specific number of patients

Plastic - (प्लास्टिक) :: At the same time AmEx will step up its drive to wean large companies and small businesses from checks to corporate plastic

Synthesis - (संश्लेषण) :: In addition there is growing recognition of abiotic organic synthesis in various geological materials

Embryo - (भ्रूण) :: The embryo matures and the seed accumulates storage products acquires desiccation tolerance and loses water


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Make-up - (मेकअप) ::

Male - (नर) :: This audio cable with male connectors on each end is used with ISDN primary rate interfaces

Mall - (मॉल) :: It just so happened that FYE was one of my favorite stores in the mall

Man - (आदमी) :: they man the lifeboat

Manage - (प्रबंधन) :: Adaptive Venture Managers was created in 1995 to invest in and manage small businesses with new product ideas


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Mitigate - (कम करना) :: We could get bogged down in legal argument factor in mitigating circumstances and take previous behaviour into consideration

Modest - (मामूली) :: Be honest and diligent girls tender and modest wives wise mothers and you will be good patriots

Modicum - (भोजन की थोड़ी मात्रा) :: Besides Id probably take all morning to make them make a modicum of sense

Momentous - (सब से अहम) :: One way or another it is promising to be a momentous week in the history of York City Football Club


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Namely (यानी) :: As such the book is a reminder of what I already knew namely that spies are very boring people

Courage (साहस) :: He had been defeated once too often and his resources of courage were almost exhausted

Altercation (तकरार) :: The main problem with such TV altercations is that they pretend to be about openness and honesty but in fact embrace no such virtues

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