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:: If a rugby player or boxer had spent almost 15 minutes unconscious after a taking a heavy tackle or being poleaxed by a crushing right hook the minimum rest period would be a month:: Yes I recently put myself in a possibly vulnerable position and got the backlash of my idiocy :: This increased pressure compresses the arteries and veins decreasing blood flow to the muscles:: Mold can be cleaned off surfaces with a weak bleach solution:: Elsewhere she puns wearingly on phrases like doing it and coming like a demented 14yearold boy:: Their little world became wearisome and difficult as alliances broke and were reformed:: Mick Pritchard is the first to admit hes no angel :: For some reason the sergeant major had decided to choose me to vent his anger on:: We packed up the scope first then the picnic stuff and the kids went sleepily and complainingly into their carseats last:: You need best end of neck lamb chops but dont overtrim them leave a little fat on for flavour:: Globalization means that the disparate parts of the world are coming closer together :: Even if we were not plagued by these curious and unusual defects of English Paul would still be hard to understand:: Drunk and dissolute hes wasting his life someplace when he gets called in to investigate a 1500 year old church in a part of Africa that didnt have Christianity 1500 years ago:: The programmes helped them open boutiques or join garment companies as fashion designers:: She was fullbodied very soft in the mouth and determinedly fruity :: One of the reasons he was so hated was because he was frustrating what they wanted:: He was thoroughly confused and sexually frustrated :: the chorus is a steal from The Smiths London:: On criminal matters hes breathtakingly conservative:: Press the button and thanks to the onboard computer simply changing its settings what had seemed an entirely adequate 400 bhp instantly becomes a certified and certifiable 507 bhp:: The weather warning came during a day which saw severe icy conditions making life miserable for many in East Yorkshire yesterday:: To that extent The Book Against God is not against God or the godly although it offers no comfort to either:: Geraldo raised his glass of firstrate Merlot and looked into my eyes soulfully :: Well he an astonishing man an astonishingly corrupt and evil man:: These criminals live big off the bribery corruption and inefficiency of the transport division:: You look a bit down in the dumps said Anna as I sat in the seat behind her:: And that my rich little dunces is where your lethargic complacency is turning against you
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