English to Hindi Meaning of stop - रुकें

Stop :

बाधा, बैरियर, बंकर, खंड, रुकें

रुकें, अपने आप को रोकना, मजबूती से पकड़ो, पुकार से रोक देना, बंद, दुकान, बंद करे, समाप्त करो, ठूंसकर बंद करना, जुटना, पड़ाव, रोकना, ठहराव, थूथन, खड़ा, से बचना, से परहेज रखने का कारण, से बाहर का तर्क, बंद करने के लिए कारण, रहना, झूठ, होना, तना, बाधा डालना, चेक, दबाना, गला घोंटना, गिरफ़्तार करना, रोक, दूर रहो, कीप अप, बाड़, स्थगित होना, टालना, अवसान करना, छुट्टी समाप्त, सिंक, नियंत्रित करना, बचना, बिट, दंड देना, प्रतिबंध लगाना, कारण, पूर्वज, समाप्त, मिटा देना, अवरोधन, गुस्सा होना, आक्रामक हो, से विरत, छोड़ दो, पीछे धकेल दिया जा, मंडराना, विलंब, पीछे, दीर्घ काल तक रहना, टाल देना, सामग्री

बिना रुकेरुकेंरोकता हैआगे बढ़ानाunstops
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Definitions of stop in English
Noun(1) the event of something ending(2) the act of stopping something(3) a brief stay in the course of a journey(4) the state of inactivity following an interruption(5) a spot where something halts or pauses(6) a consonant produced by stopping the flow of air at some point and suddenly releasing it(7) a punctuation mark (.(8) (music(9) a mechanical device in a camera that controls size of aperture of the lens(10) a restraint that checks the motion of something(11) an obstruction in a pipe or tube
Verb(1) come to a halt, stop moving(2) put an end to a state or an activity(3) stop from happening or developing(4) interrupt a trip(5) cause to stop(6) prevent completion(7) hold back, as of a danger or an enemy; check the expansion or influence of(8) seize on its way(9) have an end, in a temporal, spatial, or quantitative sense; either spatial or metaphorical(10) render unsuitable for passage(11) stop and wait, as if awaiting further instructions or developments
Examples of stop in English
(1) The man slumped down and signalled for an inhaler so a medic was called, but the ordeal did not stop there.(2) It will come back if you gain the weight, stop exercising and eat the wrong foods.(3) Fortunately, I managed to stop myself worrying about my worrying, because that's just taking it a bit too far.(4) The best time to stop smoking is when you are ready and when you genuinely want to quit.(5) several attempts were made to stop him giving evidence(6) We didn't let that stop us and we continued to court and we were always together.(7) a campaign is under way to stop the bombers(8) The end result is that the leadership is desperately trying to stop a debate that was never really going to start.(9) stop your joking!(10) The trip was part of a two day visit to the region, which also included a stop in Honduras.(11) But one year on and still no significant step has been taken to stop another disaster happening.(12) the flight landed for a refueling stop(13) One child was so traumatised by the experience she could not stop vomiting and had to be hospitalised.(14) And how the hell do you stop someone who's determined to do something like this?(15) stop consonants(16) We had a meeting on Sunday night and we are determined this fire is not going to stop us.
Related Phrases of stop
(1) bus stop ::
बस स्टॉप
(2) to stop ::
रोकने के लिए
(3) non-stop ::
बिना रुके
(4) full stop ::
पूर्ण विराम
(5) stop by ::
द्वारा रोका
(6) stop sign ::
रुकने का संकेत
(7) stop crying ::
रोना बंद करो
(8) stop smoking ::
धूम्रपान बंद करो
(9) pit stop ::
गड्ढे बंद करना
1. halt ::
2. break ::
3. stopping place ::
रोक जगह
4. blockage ::
5. occlusive ::
6. hitch ::
7. stoppage ::
8. catch ::
9. diaphragm ::
10. stopover ::
रास्ते का ठहराव
11. full point ::
पूर्ण बिंदु
13. cease ::
14. pull up ::
अपने आप को रोकना
15. conclude ::
निष्कर्ष निकालना
16. stem ::
17. prevent ::
18. thwart ::
20. stop over ::
ठहर जाना
21. hold on ::
22. contain ::
23. discontinue ::
24. block off ::
बंद करो
25. halt ::
26. finish ::
27. intercept ::
1. continue ::
जारी रहना
2. persist ::
दृढ़ रहना
Different Forms
nonstop, stop, stops, unstop, unstops
Word Example from TV Shows
Stop it.
Keep it up?

Stop it. Keep it up?

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 2

Dragonfire will stop him?

Dragonfire will STOP him?

Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 2

Stop! Stop right now!

Stop! Stop right now!

Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 6

You don't have to stop,
just slow down, I'll jump out.

You don't have to STOP, just slow down, I'll jump out.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 22

Stop shaking! Stop shaking!

Delos: Stop shaking! Stop shaking!

Westworld Season 2, Episode 10

English to Hindi Dictionary: stop

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