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स्पष्ट रूप से, ईमानदारी से, खुलकर, हाथोंहाथ, बिना देर किये
वास्तव में, एन verite, प्रभाव में, उपदेश करना, ईमानदारी से

Sincerely    :ईमानदारी से


Sincerely - ईमानदारी से


Related Words


1. genuinely ::

2. sincerely yours :: आपका

3. truly :: सही मायने में

English to Hindi Dictionary: sincerely
Meaning and definitions of sincerely, translation in Hindi language for sincerely with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of sincerely in Hindi and in English language.

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What sincerely means in Hindi, sincerely meaning in Hindi, sincerely definition, examples and pronunciation of sincerely in Hindi language.

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