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जबसे, जहाँ तक, जैसा, इसलिये, यद्यपि, जबकि, फिर, तो फिर, के अनुसार
से, सेवा मेरे, जबसे, बाद, अतीत, से पहले, पहले, आगे, से बाहर, का, बंद
बाद, फिर, बाद में, जबसे, नीचे, से पहले, पहले को, भूतकाल में, पुराने का, सर्वप्रथम, उसके बाद, भविष्य में, अब तक, आज तक

Since    :जबसे


Since - जबसे


Related Words

1. ever since :: तभी से


1. because :: इसलिये

2. as :: जैसा

3. inasmuch as :: यद्यपि

4. for the reason that :: इस कारण से कि

5. seeing that/as ::


1. hence :: अत

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English to Hindi Dictionary: since
Meaning and definitions of since, translation in Hindi language for since with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of since in Hindi and in English language.

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What since means in Hindi, since meaning in Hindi, since definition, examples and pronunciation of since in Hindi language.

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