English to Hindi Meaning of line - लाइन

Line :

लाइन, लकीर, आघात, हलकी लीक, कुंड, पंक्ति, रेंज, श्रेणी, टियर, तार, सीमा, समाप्त, वंश, मकान, जनजाति, वंशावली, परिवार, तरीका, प्रणाली, प्रक्रिया, मार्ग, योजना, भीड़, हाशिया, किस्मत, भाग्य, बहुत, संतान, जाति, निशान, मुसीबत, योग, शादी लाइनों, अंदाज, तौर तरीका, पत्र, ध्यान दें, वृत्त का चतुर्थ भाग, तल, कदम, त्रिमास, विस्टा, ठिकाने, पता, सुव्यवस्था, क्रम, चुटिया हे, नर, आदमी, छतरी, बड़ा छत्र, प्रोफ़ाइल, स्केच, रूपरेखा, आत्मीयता, डिज़ाइन, ग्राफ, आरेख, कंजूस, भूमध्य रेखा, कोर्स, पथ, झूठ, कब्जे, व्यापार, वेतन, समारोह, व्यवसाय, नियम, कानून, विनियमन, प्रावधान, सरणी, फ़ाइल, स्तंभ, व्यूह, सेना, सैन्य टुकड़ी, मेज़बान, सैन्य, विभिन्न व्यवसाय, सड़क, कक्षा, वर्ग, समूह, ग्रेड, अंक, आकृति, पेट, गोद, देखना, दिखावट, रंग, दृष्टिकोण, मुखाकृति, अवतरण, प्रजनन, पर्वत, सुदृढ़, मज़बूत करना, पेशी, बढ़ाना, टेक, कतार

पंक्ति में करनाइन - लाइनलाइनपंक्तिवालापंक्तियां
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Definitions of line in English
Noun(1) a formation of people or things one beside another(2) a mark that is long relative to its width(3) a formation of people or things one behind another(4) a length (straight or curved(5) text consisting of a row of words written across a page or computer screen(6) a single frequency (or very narrow band(7) a fortified position (especially one marking the most forward position of troops(8) a course of reasoning aimed at demonstrating a truth or falsehood; the methodical process of logical reasoning(9) a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power(10) a connected series of events or actions or developments(11) a spatial location defined by a real or imaginary unidimensional extent(12) a slight depression or fold in the smoothness of a surface(13) a pipe used to transport liquids or gases(14) the road consisting of railroad track and roadbed(15) a telephone connection(16) acting in conformity
Verb(1) be in line with; form a line along(2) cover the interior of(3) make a mark or lines on a surface(4) mark with lines(5) fill plentifully(6) reinforce with fabric
Examples of line in English
(1) Ruegamer can play any position on the offensive line but is best when used inside.(2) witty line(3) Now he hoped to expand his line of products and services by taking advantage of the Web.(4) her sons were in the same line of business(5) She realises she is going into a competitive line of work.(6) We set off eastwards along the valley following the line of the mountains.(7) hold the line, please(8) The Public Health Unit director said an annual vaccination was the best line of defence against the flu.(9) A car went into a line of parked vehicles on Clacton seafront causing tens of thousands of pounds of damage.(10) The drug has been hailed by some as a mental Viagra, the latest in a line of designer drugs that don't so much cure ills as improve quality of life.(11) The SNP is giving its MSPs a free vote on this, not least because it has yet to establish a common line .(12) she's in line for promotion(13) Do you think that the High Court's line on this issue is, at the end of the day, a sensible one?(14) he opened another line of attack(15) Luckily for her, she had a line ready when guys hit on her.(16) she has just launched a new line in swimwear
Related Phrases of line
(1) bottom line ::
जमीनी स्तर
(2) in line with ::
लाइन के साथ में
(3) straight line ::
सीधी रेखा
(4) on the line ::
रेखा पर
(5) assembly line ::
(6) address line ::
पता पंक्ति
(7) line out ::
कतार में लगाओ
(8) dotted line ::
बिंदुयुक्त रेखा
1. dash ::
पानी का छींटा
2. wrinkle ::
3. contour ::
4. boundary ::
5. position ::
6. clothesline ::
7. row ::
8. column ::
9. series ::
10. course ::
11. course of action ::
कार्रवाई के दौरान
12. story ::
14. line of work ::
15. brand ::
16. ancestry ::
17. sentence ::
18. note ::
ध्यान दें
19. bloodline ::
20. railway line ::
रेलवे लाइन
21. job ::
22. product line ::
उत्पाद रेखा
23. channel ::
24. subscriber line ::
सब्सक्राइबर लाइन
25. production line ::
उत्पादन लाइन
26. contrast ::
27. transmission line ::
संचरण रेखा
28. line of credit ::
क़र्ज़े की सीमा
29. pipeline ::
30. line of reasoning ::
तर्क की लाइन
31. strain ::
32. furrow ::
33. border ::
34. put a lining in ::
में एक अस्तर डाल
35. run along ::
साथ चलो
36. describe ::
1. issue ::
2. posterity ::
भावी पीढ़ी
3. progeny ::
4. seed ::
Different Forms
aline, inline, line, lined, lines
Word Example from TV Shows
Take your toiletry bag\Nand up you go in a line.

Take your toiletry bag
and up you go in a LINE.

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 8

- She's obviously way out of line.
- Thank you.

- She's obviously way out of LINE. - Thank you.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 7

the Wolowitz
line ends here.

the Wolowitz LINE ends here.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Episode 12

Well, excuse me. I don't think
Penny's out of line. You don't own her.

Well, excuse me. I don't think Penny's out of LINE. You don't own her.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 7

Yeah, I'’ve fallen
for that line before.

Yeah, I'’ve fallen for that LINE before.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 4

English to Hindi Dictionary: line

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