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:: Her current experiments on learning suggest that both cephalopods do well with spatial learning cuttlefishes seem to learn their way around a maze with the same facility as octopuses:: Is a canine version of cognitive behavioural therapy the answer:: We recycle everything usually through our neighbours kids rabbits hamsters and guinea pigs:: One thing Ive really realised upon spending a bit of time around Kiwis again is that New Zealand English really is different from UK English:: Low tide air temperature is probably less of a factor for sea stars than for whelks as sea stars can avoid locations where body temperatures are elevated whereas whelk body temperatures are closely related to air temperatures:: I particularly enjoyed our day on Miltons Lake where we each had over 1001b of crucians and tench :: As a cash crop cattle encouraged ranchers to practise ruthless predator control killing bears bobcats and mountain lions:: She found the poison sting still in his body and from the odour she knew that he had come to the child in the form of a scorpion:: Over the week they were rewarded by the sight of slumbering nurse sharks moray eels hawksbill turtles stingrays bounteous barracuda big solitary midnight parrotfish and African pompano:: By aping the West children and their parents were jeopardising their health said paediatricians:: The gardeners friend the busy little ladybird helps by eating aphids and greenfly:: Is it closest to the mole rats or porcupines or even chinchillas:: :: For many years this bird was persecuted by game preservers who believed that it was detrimental to both pheasants and partridges :: The condors will succeed to the extent their new culture allows:: Insects such as bees facilitate pollination as they buzz from plant to plant while feeding on nectar or collecting pollen:: You have to consider from whence come your brood stock the animals youre actually working with:: Among the smallest shark species is the deepwater dogfish shark:: We sloped along not pushing taking it easy collecting and pushing the dogies at their own pace as long as they kept moving:: And we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand:: To expect these hunting horses to thrive in roles for which they are not suited by breeding would be as unrealistic as to expect trained sheepdogs to thrive as family pets:: Humans have long imitated feline attributes and graces:: Once she lays and buries her eggs the female desert tortoise is finished with her parental role:: First family pet was a lovely tortoiseshell and white cat called Pickles Piccalilli:: I call them logic monsters they use logic to bully and cow people into doing what they want:: Unlike platypuses echidnas lack webbing and instead have large shovellike claws are present on all feet:: Most writers deny thinking of a specific reader or of a species called readers when writing
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