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1. baby (बच्चा) :: this plan is Sens baby
2. back (वापस) :: The offensive slogan is written is written in letters six inches high on the back of the garment
3. background (पृष्ठभूमि) :: Now I can see myself in that niche Ive always liked being the lieutenant who keeps things running smoothly in the background
4. backward (पिछड़ा) :: His volunteers used to visit each and every house to collect rice and other things just to give solace to the economically and socially backward persons
6. bacteria (जीवाणु) ::
7. bad (खराब) :: And my father was not to accept excuses about the strokes of bad luck or the bad weather
8. badly (बुरी तरह) :: Both nurses and doctors are working under intense pressure in a service that has been appallingly underresourced and badly managed
9. bad-tempered (उतावला) ::
10. bag (बैग) :: I got changed and started repacking my stuff from my bag into a suitcase
11. baggage (सामान) :: Travellers are regularly being advised to Keep all your personal baggage with you at all times
12. bake (सेंकना) :: The blazing hot sun continued to bake the entire landscape at a consistent 102 degrees
13. balance (संतुलन) :: The balance of the contaminated ingredient and all of the compound feed containing it on the manufacturers premises were impounded
14. ball (गेंद) :: a cricket ball
15. ban (प्रतिबंध) :: The legal challenge to the ban on samesex marriage starts November 7
16. band (बैंड) :: The band has been together since 1999 and was started up by Thomas Watts and Ryan Mucha
17. bandage (पट्टी) :: There stands the wee dog on his hind legs his wound bandaged a gunbelt strapped around his middle
18. bank (बैंक) :: Street kids in Nepal are now being given the opportunity to bank their money so that bigger kids wont beat them up and steal it
19. bar (बार) :: The same year he would be called to the bar and later established a small practice in Montreal
20. bargain (मोल तोल) :: My side of the bargain is that I promise to answer ALL questions submitted

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