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Crayfish - (क्रेफ़िश) :: The spiny or rock lobsters found in warm seas of both hemispheres are actually marine crayfish genus Panulirus they lack claws but have sharp spines on the carapace


Retina - (रेटिना) :: Richard shows slides to her digital camera but this will not produce images that are processed in an analogous way to the human brain processing retinal information

Diaphragm - (डायाफ्राम) :: A diaphragm and condoms are good choices if you want methods that can be applied right before sex

Wiry - (कडा) :: A diminutive wiry figure he sits smoking rollups and nursing a cup of black coffee in the corner of his ground floor study in north London


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Current - (वर्तमान) :: When a current flows through a wire a circular magnetic field is created around it

Currently - (वर्तमान में) :: the price is currently at a premium

Curtain - (परदा) :: Butterflies flew through everyones stomachs as the curtain rose on the stage

Curve - (वक्र) :: He wont be able to I said watching as a sharp curve in the road grew closer and closer


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Flagrant - (खुला) :: Its a flagrant breach of the unwritten rules but whos to stop her

Flail - (मूसल) :: a flail hedge trimmer

Flamboyant - (चमकीला) :: For day wide tweed trousers a crocheted sweater a poncho and a hat is a great flamboyant look or a wrap dress and a bright yellow or green tweed coat with blue tights and fabulous shoes


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Primaeval (अतिप्राचीन) ::

Henna (मेंहदी) :: Also increasing in popularity in the United States is body painting with henna

Spire (शिखर) :: The spires of the background forest continue this use of repetition

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Noun :: प्लाज्मा, जीवाणु, ढालना, मैट्रिक्स, ढलाई, प्रपत्र, डालना, पौधों का रस, सीरम
Meaning :: प्लाज्मा
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