English to Hindi Meaning of wash - धुलाई

Wash :

दौड़, उड़ना, दौड़ना, कोर्स, धुलाई, रन, साफ - सफाई, निकासी, घाव साफ़ करना, नहाना, पतला करने की क्रिया

स्नान, धुलाई, डुबोना, जलाने की क्रिया, नहाना, उड़ना, रन, चले जाओ, हाथ बढ़ाना, प्रक्षेपण, खाल, स्वच्छ, साफ कर देना, शुद्ध, धोना और प्रेस करना, छुटकारा, हक़ बहाल करना, हटाना, स्पष्ट, पाल, ब्लीच, मलना, पाट देना, लहर

धुलाईधो सकते हैंwashablesधोयाwashesधुलाई
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Definitions of wash in English
Noun(1) a thin coat of water-base paint(2) the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water(3) the dry bed of an intermittent stream (as at the bottom of a canyon(4) the erosive process of washing away soil or gravel by water (as from a roadway(5) the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller(6) a watercolor made by applying a series of monochrome washes one over the other(7) garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering(8) any enterprise in which losses and gains cancel out
Verb(1) clean with some chemical process(2) cleanse (one's body(3) cleanse with a cleaning agent, such as soap, and water(4) move by or as if by water(5) be capable of being washed(6) admit to testing or proof(7) separate dirt or gravel from (precious minerals(8) apply a thin coating of paint, metal, etc., to(9) remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent(10) form by erosion(11) make moist(12) wash or flow against(13) to cleanse (itself or another animal
Examples of wash in English
(1) Dust-laden vehicles got a new lease of life with a nice wash .(2) All in all, he could do with a bit of a wash and a brush-up.(3) In the interim, carers have been going in to see her and they would certainly have offered her a wash .(4) Many women made their own soap and took a pride in hanging out a white wash .(5) the walls were covered with a pale lemon wash(6) They were very dirty and needed a good wash , the blankets.(7) I stripped and hopped in, taking my shampoo, conditioner, body wash , toothbrush and paste and sponge with me.(8) Then, on a subsequent large wave, the fish wash back into the ocean.(9) With the weed-spraying business she had to cook and wash and iron and generally look after hordes of itinerant workmen, as well as her own sons and husband.(10) Switching off the TV at night instead of leaving it on standby, saving the weekly wash until you've got a full load, and only boiling as much water as you need, can all save money.(11) I know I'm gonna want somewhere to cook, wash , fall back on.(12) I am ÔÇÿpunishedÔÇÖ for not doing the wash by having only dirty clothes to wear.(13) The prisoners were also made to cook and wash for the militiamen, who are mostly from nomadic tribes and who travel by horse and camel.(14) I decided to use the opportunity to put on a wash .(15) Here they found three stills, two still heads and two worms, with five barrels of wash ready for distillation, and a quantity of yeast.(16) the sea began to wash along the decks
Related Phrases of wash
(1) to wash ::
(2) wash the dishes ::
बरतन साफ़ करो
(3) car wash ::
कार धुलाई
(4) wash away ::
बहा ले जाना
(5) machine wash ::
यंत्रद्वारा धुलाई
(6) wash off ::
धोकर साफ़ करना
(7) wash down ::
(8) have a wash ::
नहा - धो लो
1. clean ::
2. laundry ::
3. lotion ::
4. backwash ::
5. surge ::
6. paint ::
7. washing ::
8. race ::
9. washout ::
10. dry wash ::
सूखा धुलाव
11. wash drawing ::
पानी का रंग
12. clean oneself ::
अपने हाथ-मुंह धो लेना
13. clean ::
14. splash ::
छप छप
15. sweep ::
झाड़ू लगा दो
16. land ::
17. surge through ::
के माध्यम से उछाल
18. be accepted ::
स्वीकृत होना
19. wash off ::
धोकर साफ़ करना
20. dampen ::
निस्र्त्साह करना
21. lave ::
22. launder ::
धोना और प्रेस करना
23. rinse ::
24. lap ::
1. pour ::
2. roll ::
3. stream ::
Different Forms
wash, washable, washables, washed, washes
Word Example from TV Shows
Maybe you want to wash

Maybe you want to WASH

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 6

You don't wanna wash that.

You don't wanna WASH that.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 18

If you'll hand this
to your car wash professional

If you'll hand this to your car WASH professional

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 11

We need to look
into buying this car wash while we--

We need to look into buying this car WASH while we--

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 2

Oh, and then I believe
she has to wash her hair.

Oh, and then I believe she has to WASH her hair.

The Big Bang Theory Season 1, Episode 15

English to Hindi Dictionary: wash

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