English to Hindi Meaning of straight - सीधे

Straight :

प्रत्यक्ष, सीधे, सही, तुरंत, निष्कपट, सरल, मैदान, अनुभवहीन, मासूम, सीधा, निरा, खरा, खड़ा, ईमानदार, तैयार, निरंतर, खड़ी, खड़ा है, अडिग, आसान, क्षैतिज, केवल, न्यायसंगत, माननीय, नैतिक, संतुलित, सुडौल, नियमित, चिकना, हमवार, का सामना करना पड़, ऊपरवाला

सीधे, खुलकर, बिल्कुल अभी, प्रत्यक्ष, मोटा, पहले हाथ, दूर, झटपट, निरा, साहुल, खड़े खड़े, के किनारे किनारे, ईमानदार, सचमुच

सीधेसीधा करनास्ट्रेटसीधेstraightensstraighterstraighteststraightlyसीधा पनstraights
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Definitions of straight in English
Noun(1) a person having a sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex(2) a poker hand with 5 consecutive cards (regardless of suit(3) a straight segment of a roadway or racecourse
Adjective(1) successive (without a break(2) having no deviations(3) (of hair(4) erect in posture(5) in keeping with the facts(6) characterized by honesty and fairness(7) no longer coiled(8) free from curves or angles(9) neatly arranged; not disorderly(10) not homosexual(11) accurately fitted; level(12) without evasion or compromise(13) (of an alcoholic drink(14) following a correct or logical method(15) rigidly conventional or old-fashioned
Adverb(1) without deviation(2) in a forthright manner; candidly or frankly(3) in a straight line; in a direct course
Examples of straight in English
(1) I grabbed my bag and walked out of the bathroom, looking down, and ran straight into an assistant principal.(2) So the dots all lie along straight lines passing through the centre of the system of circles.(3) Why is it that when you stop paddling a kayak, it turns sharply instead of maintaining a straight course?(4) Just after my first pitstop my steering developed a problem which meant that whenever I was driving straight it was pulling to the left.(5) Her straight hair is tied in a ponytail and her eye shadow looks fresh.(6) Mark stood, shaking his long navy blue pant leg straight before walking forward and pulling out my chair.(7) The waitresses wear authentic Thai clothes and look elegant in their long straight skirts and blouses in silks of every hue of the rainbow.(8) With a little bit of focussed and straight thinking, it could be more suitable for what is essentially a children's band on this channel.(9) A flat arch, also known as jack or straight arch, extends straight across an opening with no curvature, creating a horizontal emphasis.(10) she came straight home(11) In the meantime, Gray was working hard to convince a straight person in her life that it was OK to attend.(12) I spend most of my life in the company of straight people.(13) He said that since the shutdown, bartenders cannot serve straight alcohol.(14) he worked 14 days straight(15) This time she didn't jerk away, just looked straight at him with steady tears streaming down her face.(16) His cherry-red bow tie was perfectly straight , his white shirt immaculately ironed.
Related Phrases of straight
(1) go straight ::
सीधे जाओ
(2) straight ahead ::
ठीक सीधे
(3) straight hair ::
सीधे बाल
(4) go straight on ::
सीधे जाओ
(5) go straight ahead ::
आगे सीधे बढ़ो
(6) straight line ::
सीधी रेखा
(7) straight down ::
सीधा नीचे
(8) straight face ::
सीधा चेहरा
(9) straight on ::
सीधे पर
1. unswerving ::
2. level ::
3. in order ::
क्रम में
4. honest ::
5. logical ::
6. successive ::
7. undiluted ::
8. respectable ::
9. neat ::
12. square ::
13. straightforward ::
14. consecutive ::
15. right ::
16. directly ::
17. right away ::
बिल्कुल अभी
18. frankly ::
स्पष्ट रूप से
20. straightaway ::
21. heterosexual ::
1. bad ::
2. black ::
3. dishonest ::
4. evil ::
5. evil-minded ::
6. immoral ::
7. indecent ::
8. wicked ::
9. wrong ::
Different Forms
straight, straighten, straightened, straightening, straightens, straighter, straightest, straightly, straightness, straights
Word Example from TV Shows
l mean, the man looked you
straight in the eye

l mean, the man looked you STRAIGHT in the eye

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 7

And my slogan was,

And my slogan was, "A line this STRAIGHT is a line that's great."

The Big Bang Theory Season 9, Episode 23

But l'll tell you now,
you better shoot straight, old man,

But l'll tell you now, you better shoot STRAIGHT, old man,

Breaking Bad Season 4, Episode 5

Six kilometres straight on, and after\Nthe first diversion on the right.

Six kilometres STRAIGHT on, and after
the first diversion on the right.

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 13

Never got 'em straight again.

Never got 'em STRAIGHT again.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Episode 12

English to Hindi Dictionary: straight

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