English to Hindi Meaning of odd - अजीब

Odd :

अजीब, जिज्ञासु, गांठदार, असामान्य, असाधारण, अस्वाभाविक, विचित्र, बहुत खुबस, विदेशी, तीव्र, रूक्ष, कठोर, भयानक, सरल, एक, व्यक्ति, अकेला, विलक्षण, बिना साथी, अवशिष्ट, अन्य, देय, कारण, सहायक, रसौली करनेवाला, आकस्मिक, गजब का, बेमिसाल, आश्चर्यजनक, अभूतपूर्व, भयंकर, क्षतिकर, अचानक, तेज़, अयुगल, असमतल, असंबद्ध, असमानता, असभ्य, झगड़ा, कोंटरापज़िशन, राहत, भेद, अंतर, लाभ, सुविधा, फायदा, एहसान, संघर्ष, कलह, विवाद, लड़ाई झगड़ा, प्रतियोगिता, बहस, विचार-विमर्श, तर्क, तकरार, अतिरिक्त, निरर्थक, फ़ालतू, इसके बाहर

अजीबOdderoddestविचित्र रूप सेoddnessअंतर
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Definitions of odd in English
Adjective(1) not divisible by two(2) not easily explained(3) an indefinite quantity more than that specified(4) beyond or deviating from the usual or expected(5) of the remaining member of a pair(6) not used up
Examples of odd in English
(1) In every known pair, both numbers are even or both are odd .(2) And on the odd occasion Redfearn escaped the clutches of Bauress, Steve Hollis was on hand to look after the ex-Premiership star.(3) His arms and legs straightened out, no longer sticking out at odd angles.(4) But on the odd occasion they venture outside these extremes, the country descends into chaos.(5) But in those areas where he did well, sometimes the numbers look decidedly odd .(6) And although the odd incident used to happen in the past, that number has increased with the number of activities in the area.(7) I've heard of sock heaven for odd socks, but there must be a bookmark heaven for missing bookmarks as I've lost heaps over the years.(8) In it Vinogradov proved that every sufficiently large odd integer can be expressed as the sum of three primes.(9) However, they quickly dried in the sunshine with just the odd patch of mud remaining.(10) Even integers in the top row correspond to throws from the right hand, and odd integers to throws from the left.(11) Truth be told, there are crowds of people who never drink, or who drink only on the odd occasion.(12) An odd perfect number is defined to be an odd integer that is equal to the sum of its proper divisors.(13) To illustrate further we consider the majority vote and an odd number of voters.(14) The time saved by this happening far outweighs the odd occasion when someone does not leave it at the end of his drive.(15) Is there some way of identifying whether a number has an odd or even number of distinct prime factors without factoring?(16) Every even natural number x greater than six can be written as the sum of two distinct odd primes.
Related Phrases of odd
(1) odd number ::
विषम संख्या
(2) odd numbers ::
विषम संख्या
(3) odd job ::
अस्थिर काम
(4) odd jobs ::
छोटे मोटे काम
(5) odd and even ::
विषम और सम
(6) odd or even ::
विषम या सम
(7) odd man ::
अजीब आदमी
(8) odd hours ::
असुविधाजनक घंटे
(9) odd one out ::
(10) odd day ::
अजीब दिन
1. strange ::
2. occasional ::
4. spare ::
6. unpaired ::
7. singular ::
8. uneven ::
Different Forms
odd, odder, oddest, oddly, oddness
Word Example from TV Shows
She has odd cravings, our sister.

She has ODD cravings, our sister.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 1

Well, that's odd.

Well, that's ODD.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11, Episode 17

Odd. Usually he's met by cheers.

Odd. Usually he's met by cheers.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3, Episode 4

She was an odd fish. Everyone knew that.

She was an ODD fish. Everyone knew that.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 8

I have some odd freckles on my buttocks.

I have some ODD freckles on my buttocks.

The Big Bang Theory Season 8, Episode 4

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