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मेमना, yeanling, भेड़े का मांस
अंडे, सामने लाना, बच्चा, पैदा करना, रिहायश, मेमना, नस्ल, पशुशावक

Lamb    :मेमना


Lamb - मेमना

Lambed :: lambed

Lambency :: उज्ज्वलता

Lambing :: मेमने का जन्म

Lambs :: भेड़ के बच्चे


Related Words


1. dear :: प्रिय


1. wolf :: भेड़िया

Different forms

lamb, lambed, lambency, lambing, lambs

English to Hindi Dictionary: lamb
Meaning and definitions of lamb, translation in Hindi language for lamb with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of lamb in Hindi and in English language.

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What lamb means in Hindi, lamb meaning in Hindi, lamb definition, examples and pronunciation of lamb in Hindi language.

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