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आलस, निष्क्रियता, रिक्ति, faineancy

Indolence    :आलस


Indolence - आलस


Related Words

1. diligence and indolence :: परिश्रम और आलस


1. laziness ::

2. idleness ::

3. slothfulness ::

4. sloth :: आलस

5. shiftlessness ::

6. inactivity ::

7. inaction :: निष्क्रियता

8. inertia :: जड़ता

9. sluggishness ::

10. lifelessness ::

11. lethargy :: सुस्ती

12. languor :: शिथिलता

13. languidness ::

14. torpor :: सो हो जाना

15. torpidity ::

16. otiosity ::

17. hebetude :: hebetude


1. drive :: चलाना

2. industry :: उद्योग

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English to Hindi Dictionary: indolence
Meaning and definitions of indolence, translation in Hindi language for indolence with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of indolence in Hindi and in English language.

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What indolence means in Hindi, indolence meaning in Hindi, indolence definition, examples and pronunciation of indolence in Hindi language.

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