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म्यान, पिस्तौलदान, झलार, मामला, congruity

Holster    :पिस्तौलदान


Holster - पिस्तौलदान

Holstered :: holstered

Holstering :: holstering

Holsters :: holsters


Related Words


1. sheath :: म्यान

2. holster :: पिस्तौलदान

3. casing :: झलार

4. case :: मामला

5. scabbard :: म्यान

6. congruity :: congruity

Different forms

holster, holstered, holstering, holsters

English to Hindi Dictionary: holster
Meaning and definitions of holster, translation in Hindi language for holster with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of holster in Hindi and in English language.

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What holster means in Hindi, holster meaning in Hindi, holster definition, examples and pronunciation of holster in Hindi language.

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