English to Hindi Meaning of for - के लिये

For :
के लिये

के लिये, इसलिये, की वजह से

के लिये, की वजह से, के कारण, की खातिर में, के परिणाम स्वरूप, बाद, के बजाय, बदले में, की जगह में, के पाठ्यक्रम में, की ओर, पर्यत, की दिशा में, सेवा मेरे, द्वारा, के पक्ष में, के जरिए, के चेहरे में, के बावजूद, बावजूद, विषय में, के बारे में, के रूप में, संबंध के रूप में, इसके संबंध में, के समान, इनके अनुरोध पर, की ख़ातिर, के आग्रह पर, इसके स्थान पर, बदला, उपाध्यक्ष

के लियेFores
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Definitions of for in English
Preposition(1) in support of or in favor of (a person or policy).(2) affecting, with regard to, or in respect of (someone or something).(3) on behalf of or to the benefit of (someone or something).(4) having (the thing mentioned) as a purpose or function.(5) having (the thing mentioned) as a reason or cause.(6) having (the place mentioned) as a destination.(7) representing (the thing mentioned).(8) in place of or in exchange for (something).(9) in relation to the expected norm of (something).(10) indicating the length of (a period of time).(11) indicating the extent of (a distance).(12) indicating an occasion in a series.
Conjunction(1) because; since.
Abbreviation(1) free on rail.(2) foreign.
Examples of for in English
(1) for she always had a keen interest in music(2) Some of these are young American adults who come to work in London for work placement purposes.(3) It is not yet known whether employees will be paid for their work this month.(4) the thought was too much for me(5) She laughed and nodded, taking Paris' hand as she walked out of the office for the last time.(6) what's the French for 'good luck'?(7) that meeting is planned for 10:00 today(8) copies are available for only a buck(9) I used to work for a company that developed and sold computer systems for smaller businesses.(10) software for creating a timetable(11) He smiled at this thought for he knew all too well that appearances were not always what they appeared to be.(12) I'm for helping them(13) Arthur told me he was going to sue me for the way I represented him in the book.(14) Women want to be respected for being women, and they want to be able to respect a man for being a man.(15) I haven't seen him for some time(16) The last train for Newbridge leaves Heuston at 10.45 pm, arriving at 11.20 pm.
Related Phrases of for
(1) look for ::
(2) for you ::
तुम्हारे लिए
(3) for example ::
उदाहरण के लिए
(4) for instance ::
उदाहरण के लिए
(5) for me ::
मेरे लिए
(6) for a while ::
कुछ समय के लिए
(7) for sure ::
(8) for ever ::
(9) for sale ::
बेचने के लिए
1. for ::
के लिये
2. because ::
3. because of ::
की वजह से
4. owing to ::
के कारण
5. in the sake of ::
की खातिर में
6. caused by ::
के कारण
7. due to ::
की वजह से
8. as a result of ::
के परिणाम स्वरूप
9. after ::
10. instead of ::
के बजाय
11. in lieu of ::
बदले में
12. in place of ::
की जगह में
13. in the course of ::
के पाठ्यक्रम में
14. toward ::
की ओर
16. unto ::
17. in the direction of ::
की दिशा में
18. to ::
सेवा मेरे
19. by ::
20. in favor of ::
के पक्ष में
21. via ::
के जरिए
22. in the face of ::
के चेहरे में
23. despite ::
के बावजूद
24. notwithstanding ::
25. concerning ::
विषय में
26. regarding ::
के बारे में
27. as to ::
के रूप में
28. as regards ::
संबंध के रूप में
29. with respect to ::
इसके संबंध में
30. similar to ::
के समान
31. on account of ::
की वजह से
32. at the request of ::
इनके अनुरोध पर
33. for the sake of ::
की ख़ातिर
34. at the instance of ::
के आग्रह पर
35. in loco ::
इसके स्थान पर
36. in exchange ::
बदले में
37. lieu ::
38. vice ::
Different Forms
Word Example from TV Shows
I'm a Lannister. Queen for 19 years.
Daughter of the most powerful man alive.

I'm a Lannister. Queen FOR 19 years. Daughter of the most powerful man alive.

Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 5

You have everything she needs
for day care?

You have everything she needs FOR day care?

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 21

and it's set up
for auto-extraction.

and it's set up FOR auto-extraction.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 6

You prepare for the scolding of your life.

You prepare FOR the scolding of your life.

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 9

For the record, you have excellent credit
and your diabetic aunt...

For the record, you have excellent credit and your diabetic aunt...

The Big Bang Theory Season 6, Episode 21

English to Hindi Dictionary: for

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