English to Hindi Meaning of dress - पोशाक

Dress :

पोशाक, पहन लेना, सामग्री, परिधान, कपड़ा, साज़, का सामना करना पड़, वस्र, शौचालय, ज़ेब, आभूषण, भेष, आकार, लबादा, अलमारी, भेस

पोशाक, केलिन्डर, लोहा, चिकना, दबाएँ, प्रदान करना, साज़, रंग, फ़सल, निकालना, छाँटना, कलम, लैस, प्रस्तुत, उढ़ाना, संवारना, सँवारना, निपटाना, समायोजित, क्रम, व्यवस्थित, सरणी, गियर, नाटक, सज समान इकठ्ठा करके तैयर होना, आच्छादन, सजाने के लिए, सजाना, कारचोबी बनाना, सुशोभित, आभूषण, बयानबाजी भाषा का प्रयोग, पाठ, में पाल, दोष, गाली देना, चोटना, गाहना, ताड़ना, हराना, रजाई, कोड़ा, धरना, पौंड, छटपटाना, चिकनाना, विमान, पोलिश, स्तर, व्यवस्था, टांगना, तैयार करना, तैयार, बनाना, खाका, टायर, सामान, पहनाना, परिधान, कपड़ा, डेक

पोशाककपड़े पहनेकपड़ेड्रेसिंग
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Definitions of dress in English
Noun(1) a one-piece garment for a woman; has skirt and bodice(2) clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion(3) clothing in general
Verb(1) put on clothes(2) provide with clothes or put clothes on(3) put a finish on(4) dress in a certain manner(5) dress or groom with elaborate care(6) kill and prepare for market or consumption(7) arrange in ranks(8) decorate (food(9) provide with decoration(10) put a dressing on(11) cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of(12) cut down rough-hewn (lumber(13) convert into leather(14) apply a bandage or medication to(15) give a neat appearance to(16) arrange attractively
Adjective(1) suitable for formal occasions(2) (of an occasion
Examples of dress in English
(1) She wore a long dark blue and light blue striped collared dress with short sleeves.(2) Some offices are dressing up their ÔÇÿbusiness casualÔÇÖ policies and returning to traditional business dress .(3) The government men stepped off, in military dress uniforms, each with a large group of ribbons on the left chest over the olive drab fabric.(4) Officers complained that it was extremely difficult to keep the full dress uniform presentable, since the lace dirtied the white cloth, and the brimstone used to dress the cloth damaged the lace.(5) She was starting to feel out of place in her dress slacks and matching jacket.(6) All of the women wear traditional dress : long flowing skirts, heavily embroidered waistcoats and embroidered hats with a rosette on the right side.(7) And Suzy has to wear a bridesmaid dress the like of which has not been seen since 1983.(8) The one thing you know about every single female character in Weiner's books is what dress size she wears.(9) he was unable to dress himself(10) He will be remembered for his elegance of dress (nothing but Savile Row would do).(11) She doesn't dress flamboyantly, instead wearing a black t-shirt and jeans.(12) For these women it was customary to apply cosmetics and to dress their hair in the morning.(13) traditional African dress(14) However, it still requested smart dress , hats optional for women and jacket, collar and tie for men.(15) An array of items erases traditional distinctions between evening dress and daywear.(16) dress the salad with vinaigrette
Related Phrases of dress
(1) dress up ::
अच्छा कपड़ा पहनना
(2) dress code ::
ड्रेस कोड
(3) wedding dress ::
शादी का जोड़ा
(4) fancy dress ::
फैंसी ड्रेस
(5) evening dress ::
शाम की पोशाक
(6) dress shirt ::
औपचारिक शर्ट
(7) dress down ::
अनौपचारिक कपड़े पहनना
(8) dress rehearsal ::
ड्रेस रिहर्सल
(9) dress suit ::
पोशाक सूट
(10) formal dress ::
औपचारिक पोशाक
1. full-dress ::
पूरा परिधान
2. gown ::
3. clothes ::
4. attire ::
5. frock ::
6. apparel ::
7. put on clothes ::
कपड़े पहन
8. clothe ::
9. wear formal clothes ::
औपचारिक कपड़े पहनें
10. decorate ::
सजाने के लिए
11. bandage ::
12. prepare ::
तैयार करना
13. fertilize ::
खाद डालना
14. style ::
16. snip ::
17. curry ::
18. dress up ::
अच्छा कपड़ा पहनना
19. enclothe ::
21. get dressed ::
तैयार हो जाओ
22. coiffe ::
23. primp ::
24. dress out ::
तैयार करो
1. blemish ::
2. deface ::
बदनाम करना
3. disfigure ::
सौंदर्य नष्ट करना
4. mar ::
5. scar ::
चोट का निसान
6. spoil ::
Different Forms
dress, dressed, dresses
Word Example from TV Shows
And a dress for dinner.

And a DRESS for dinner.

Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 6

I can always see
what's going on beneath a dress.

I can always see what's going on beneath a DRESS.

Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 9

I like your dress.

I like your DRESS.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 5

That dress gets me
into anywhere I want.

That DRESS gets me into anywhere I want.

The Big Bang Theory Season 7, Episode 14

Oh, my gosh. I can't believe
my maid of honor dress

Oh, my gosh. I can't believe my maid of honor DRESS

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 24

English to Hindi Dictionary: dress

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