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कॉल, पद, डाक, मेल, हिम्मत, बोली, निमंत्रण, अपील, याद दिलानेवाला, चुनौती
हिम्मत, उद्यम, मानना
जोखिम ले, हिम्मत, दाँव

Dare    :हिम्मत


Dare - हिम्मत

Dared :: हिम्मत

Dares :: हिम्मत


Related Words

1. to dare :: हिम्मत करना


1. challenge :: चुनौती

2. daring :: साहसी


3. be brave enough :: पर्याप्त बहादुर होना

4. challenge :: चुनौती

5. defy :: उपेक्षा करना

6. make bold :: बोल्ड


1. dodge :: चकमा

2. duck :: बत्तख

3. funk :: दुर्गंध

4. shirk :: भागना

Different forms

dare, dared, dares

English to Hindi Dictionary: dare
Meaning and definitions of dare, translation in Hindi language for dare with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of dare in Hindi and in English language.

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What dare means in Hindi, dare meaning in Hindi, dare definition, examples and pronunciation of dare in Hindi language.

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