English to Hindi Meaning of cross - पार करना

Cross :
पार करना

पार करना, चौथाई एकड़, संकर जाति का, आधा नस्ल, आपदा, व्यथा, कष्ट, मुसीबत, वंचना

पार करना, नौका, मिश्रण करना, उत्तीर्ण करना, कट गया, भर में ले, निकासी, उबर पाना, साथ भागने, सभी ओर जाना, का उल्लंघन, उल्लंघन करना, अवहेलना करना, अतिक्रमण, दखल नामा, हस्तक्षेप करना, अतिचार, भोंकना, विफल, टलना, चकरा देना, हराना, हार

तिरछे, भर में, पार करना, आड़े, साथ लगा हुआ, सटा हुआ, मिला हुआ, पास-पास, चिड़चिड़ा, फटकार, छल, द्रऋह, कपट, चुराना, बढ़ाना, पार, आवरण, गुज़रना, आगे बढ़ना

autocrossपार करनापारCrosserपारcrossestचौराहाआड़ेपनबदमिज़ाजआड़ेuncrossuncrosseduncrossesuncrossing
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Definitions of cross in English
Noun(1) a wooden structure consisting of an upright post with a transverse piece(2) a marking that consists of lines that cross each other(3) a representation of the structure on which Jesus was crucified; used as an emblem of Christianity or in heraldry(4) any affliction that causes great suffering(5) (genetics
Verb(1) travel across or pass over(2) meet at a point(3) hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires(4) fold so as to resemble a cross(5) to cover or extend over an area or time period(6) meet and pass(7) trace a line through or across(8) breed animals or plants using parents of different races and varieties
Adjective(1) extending or lying across; in a crosswise direction; at right angles to the long axis(2) annoyed and irritable
Examples of cross in English
(1) Sincere faith and fortitude in the will of God gave him the strength to carry his cross .(2) Incidentally I wasn't serious when I suggested we and our friends might cross North Dakota off our list of prospective holiday destinations this summer.(3) His duties even called on him to be the first person to try out the cross for the Crucifixion scene.(4) The former Rochdale man delivered a pin-point low cross for top-scorer Foster to turn home from close range.(5) Covered only from waist down by white sheets, they evoked a cross between Greek statues and hospital patients.(6) This feeling coupled with the feeling of guilt that they are in some way or fashion responsible for their charge's condition is indeed a difficult cross to bear.(7) He added he was very cross and would stay mayor until the next council meeting on June 2 even if his brother returned wanting to take over office.(8) did they cross the bridge?(9) It was a deep black and similar to a Christian cross, except that the top half of the cross had been intersected thrice more, each line smaller than the last.(10) The driver couldn't get them open again so he was quite cross .(11) The farm's herd is a cross between the indigenous Wagyu and another quality export from Scotland, the Aberdeen Angus.(12) The cross of Christ, theologically speaking, was not an end in itself.(13) Folks will be even cross er when they can't take a shower because your shortsighted bulldozing of environmental protections has dirtied most of the water and dried up the rest.(14) Lately, he's taken to assailing university officials who dare to cross him on this explosive issue.(15) As opposed to the resurrection, the cross symbolises crucifixion.(16) If you really want to help, volunteer to make dinner or do laundry so Mom can cross a few things off her list.
Related Phrases of cross
(1) cross out ::
काट देना
(2) criss-cross ::
आड़ा - तिरछा
(3) to cross ::
पार करना
(4) cross-country ::
क्रॉस कंट्री
(5) cross the road ::
सड़क पार करो
(6) cross the street ::
सड़क पार करना
1. angry ::
2. transversal ::
3. ill-tempered ::
4. crucifix ::
5. burden ::
6. hybrid ::
7. crown of thorns ::
कांटो का ताज
8. crisscross ::
आड़ा - तिरछा
10. crossbreed ::
संकर नस्ल
11. travel across ::
आरपार यात्रा करना
12. span ::
13. intersect ::
एक दूसरे को काटना
14. oppose ::
का विरोध
15. hybridize ::
वर्ण-संकर करना
16. baffle ::
चकरा देना
17. traverse ::
पार करना
Different Forms
autocross, cross, crossed, crosser, crosses, crossest, crossly, crossness, crosswise, uncross, uncrosses
Word Example from TV Shows
You can't cross
a double yellow line.

You can't CROSS a double yellow line.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 14

We need to cross the Trident
and we need to do it now.

We need to CROSS the Trident and we need to do it now.

Game of Thrones Season 1, Episode 9

Don't worry, you'll be fine.
Let's just hide Mr. Cross.

Don't worry, you'll be fine. Let's just hide Mr. Cross.

The Big Bang Theory Season 4, Episode 23

Well, that's a solid line,
he can't cross it.

Well, that's a solid line, he can't CROSS it.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10, Episode 1

Those who want to leave,\Nplease, cross the line.

Those who want to leave,
please, CROSS the line.

Money Heist Season 1, Episode 13

English to Hindi Dictionary: cross

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