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समर्पित करना, प्राप्ति, प्रतिबद्ध, आत्मसमर्पण, हूं, सुपुर्द करना, रखना, रिज़र्व
सुपुर्द करना, प्रदान करना

Consign    :सुपुर्द करना


Consign - सुपुर्द करना

Consigned :: भेजा हुआ

Consignee :: परेषिती

Consignees :: व्यापारियों

Consigning :: consigning

Consignor :: भेजनेवाला

Consignors :: consignors

Consigns :: consigns


Related Words

1. consign for shipment :: लदान के लिए सुपुर्द


1. send to :: भेजना

2. assign :: सौंपना

3. send (off) ::

4. deposit :: जमा

5. charge :: चार्ज


1. accept :: स्वीकार करना

2. receive :: प्राप्त करना

Different forms

consign, consigned, consignee, consignees, consigning, consignor, consignors, consigns

English to Hindi Dictionary: consign
Meaning and definitions of consign, translation in Hindi language for consign with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of consign in Hindi and in English language.

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What consign means in Hindi, consign meaning in Hindi, consign definition, examples and pronunciation of consign in Hindi language.

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