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फीतालेस, बेल, तस्मा, जाली, फ़ीता, तसमा, पट्ठासजाना, फीतों से बंधनालेसवाला, फीतेवाला, तस्मेवाला
Lace :
- फीतासजीलेसलेसीजाली

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Noun(1) a cord that is drawn through eyelets or around hooks in order to draw together two edges (as of a shoe or garment(2) a delicate decorative fabric woven in an open web of symmetrical patterns
Verb(1) spin, wind, or twist together(2) make by braiding or interlacing(3) do lacework(4) draw through eyes or holes(5) add alcohol to (beverages

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(1) She wore a white dress edged with lace and puffed sleeves, white shoes on her feet.(2) The dress was tight at the waist and the bodice was decorated with black lace from the waistline up to the low neckline.(3) The flashing gold epaulettes and gold lace on his 18th century naval uniform have been made by Wyedean Weaving.(4) While males worked as tailors of men's clothing, female slaves and freedwomen sewed dresses and made lace in the households and dressmaking establishments of the period.(5) She was a tall woman, dressed in a bright purple dress with lace , a dark blue shawl thrown about her shoulders and a black hat on her bright red hair.(6) The back had a beautiful train of both lace and silk, which trailed four feet behind her when she walked.(7) The dress was full of lace and ribbons and was satiny.(8) I suspect some of the lace on sale is manufactured by Chinese peasants copying Burano-Venetian lace patterns.(9) Here's what you get when you mix luxurious silk with a lace trim and fine ribbon lacing.(10) a dress trimmed in white lace(11) The comparison is ridiculous, and at the moment he couldn't lace Hall's boots.(12) his generals were covered with gold lace(13) Her thick dark hair is pulled back and straightened, and she wears a long sea-foam green dress covered in ivory lace .(14) She went for the white one which featured lace and silk, but had no veil.(15) Do you lace your boots all the way to the top loop?(16) This outfit may be completed by a hat of lace or other fine cloth.
Related Words
1. openwork ::
ओपेन वार्क
2. shoelace ::
जूते का फीता
3. lacing ::
4. fasten ::
5. entwine ::
7. streak ::
8. interlace ::
जिल्द बनाना
9. plait ::
चुटिया हे
11. fortify ::
मज़बूत करना
1. enrich ::
2. fortify ::
मज़बूत करना
Different Forms
lace, laced, laces, lacey, lacing, unlace, unlaces
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