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1. Abdomen (पेट) :: Prior to metamorphosis the caterpillars pack together and suspend themselves by the tips of their abdomens from the inner walls
2. Bald (गंजा) :: Dark hair sprung from his once bald scalp and the wrinkles on his face smoothed out
3. Biceps (मछलियां) :: The nerve to the short head of the biceps femoris sometimes arises directly from the sacral plexus
4. Bun (बन) :: These offered the most delicious apple strudel chocolate brownies and buns
5. Bunch (झुंड) :: I want to take the money that I earn and get a bunch of doctors together three times a year and have them all do a round table and talk about what theyve learned
6. Chignon (बालों का जूड़ा) :: The women with hair pulled into chignons wore bright costumes resembling frilled bathing suits from that era
7. Coiffure (बाल बनाने का प्रकार) :: Under professional guidance children from six to 16 years old will weave the costumes form the coiffures and create the jewellery of the king or queen they always dreamed of
8. Diaphragm (डायाफ्राम) :: A diaphragm and condoms are good choices if you want methods that can be applied right before sex
9. Downy (कोमल) :: If the hair is fairly fine and downy either on the upper lip or the cheeks then bleaching is by far the best solution
10. Elegant (शिष्ट) :: It may be dull but it remains true if you write good stuff and present it elegantly then youll be well read in no time at all
11. Filling (भरने) :: Amber comes over as Im mixing the filling this time using tapioca and cider vinegar
12. Gel (जेल) :: I was wondering if you could possibly send me any information on your shower gel products
13. Hatpin (हेट पिन) :: At our September meeting Jo Smith displayed her collection of hatpins and gave a slide show illustrating the history of hats and their pins and their connection with fashion and status
14. Midget (बौना) :: The Japanese on the other hand lost 29 aircraft and 5 midget submarines
15. Nubile (दांपत्य) :: Polynesians tattooed the thighs and buttocks of nubile girls Africans scarred them
16. Plain (मैदान) :: Do they choose plain girls with no education or sense of style and who will happily consider going to McDonalds on Saturday night
17. Pupil (छात्र) :: I met a past pupil this morning
18. Recede (दूर जाना) :: His white hair has receded his stomach is bulkier his English has improved
19. Retina (रेटिना) :: Richard shows slides to her digital camera but this will not produce images that are processed in an analogous way to the human brain processing retinal information
20. Short (कम) :: shes still fifteen euro short
21. Smile (मुस्कुराओ) :: she had a smile of satisfaction
22. Smile (मुस्कुराओ) :: she had a smile of satisfaction
23. Smile (मुस्कुराओ) :: she had a smile of satisfaction
24. Smile (मुस्कुराओ) :: she had a smile of satisfaction
25. Smile (मुस्कुराओ) :: she had a smile of satisfaction
26. Smile (मुस्कुराओ) :: she had a smile of satisfaction
27. Smile (मुस्कुराओ) :: she had a smile of satisfaction
28. Smile (मुस्कुराओ) :: she had a smile of satisfaction
29. Smile (मुस्कुराओ) :: she had a smile of satisfaction
30. Smile (मुस्कुराओ) :: she had a smile of satisfaction

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