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:: The new program features superior discrimination of fluorescent signals and substantially reduces the need for user intervention during image processing:: Theres even an artist a painter to keep an illustrated record of the trip:: She is now on a mission to teach instructors through a certification course and written exam:: The more luxurious establishments would have professional masseurs to do this:: The only good news is that there should no longer be a shortage of traditional tradesmen such as plumbers and electricians:: Elisabeth Hurst is a writer of short stories Jo Rittenhouse is a poet:: He later served as flow director for the Space Shuttle Discovery and then as the acting deputy director of the Installation Operations Directorate:: The cocktail bar upstairs was great amp the barmen made up drinks for us that werent even on the list:: A decision has been taken that the judge Mr Justice Hooper and barristers are not to wear wigs or gowns:: For almost all Sierra Leoneans rice is the staple food consumed at virtually every meal:: Larger items such as copy paper staplers and calculators should be taken one at a time and no more than once per quarter:: British prime ministers lose office either because they lose a general election or because their party removes them:: the officer in charge:: So lets use criminal intelligence indicators to start investigating proactively those areas where trafficking may be occurring to see if it is:: The aspirations of these voters are far higher than other voters and hence they are more demanding and impatient:: When we say something is a part of our nature it makes it seem to be a permanent unchangeable thing:: If so I can assure you as a practical aeronautical engineer that such a trip is neither fantastic nor impractical:: The course will take place on two mornings per week for 12 weeks commencing in late September:: For her premiere commission she wrote what I knew about her experience of working in innercity primary schools:: She had apparently instructed solicitors to deal with the matter on her behalf:: The solitary field is often stocked with brown Welsh mountain sheep:: debiting the asset account:: Plus being an assiduous multitasker he had other things he needed to accomplish on this record:: The assistant director quit because he didnt believe that the film could be made:: We have scores of dedicated and committed staff members who render an excellent service under circumstances that are sometimes difficult:: a committee meeting:: I had a close friend who was a police inspector in Manchester another who was with the dog unit in Merseyside:: In the Marines he was a nobody with a silver bar too junior to matter to staffers too senior to fit in with the enlisted grunts his own age:: Concurrency had never been in issue before the sentencing judge in the County Court:: In the Marines he was a nobody with a silver bar too junior to matter to staffers too senior to fit in with the enlisted grunts his own age
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