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नव युवक, जवानी, किशोर, गड़ेरिया, आयु, बहुमत, जवान लड़की, बिन्त, फूल का खिलना, बच्चा, तरुण, बालक, जमीमा

Youth    :जवानी


Youth - जवानी

Youthful :: युवा

Youths :: युवकों


Related Words


1. early years :: प्रारंभिक वर्षों

2. youthfulness ::

3. young person/man/woman ::

4. young people :: युवा लोग

5. early days :: शुरुआती दिन

6. young person :: युवा व्यक्ति

7. young :: युवा


1. adult :: वयस्क

Different forms

youth, youthful, youths

English to Hindi Dictionary: youth
Meaning and definitions of youth, translation in Hindi language for youth with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of youth in Hindi and in English language.

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What youth means in Hindi, youth meaning in Hindi, youth definition, examples and pronunciation of youth in Hindi language.

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