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फुटकर चीज, टूम, छोटी बात, दिखावटी गहने
टूम, रोशनी, तुच्छता, छोटी बात, footling, kibosh, फ़ालतू, तुच्छ, निकम्मा, आंतरिक अंगों, नाज़ुक, अनैतिक, cracky, भंगुर

Gimcrack    :टूम


Gimcrack - टूम

Gimcracks :: gimcracks



1. nonsense :: बकवास

2. gimcrackery ::

3. folderal ::

4. frill :: झालर

5. falderol ::

6. trumpery :: निरर्थक दिखावटी वस्तुऐ


7. shoddy :: तुच्छ

8. jerry-built :: जेरी निर्मित

9. flimsy :: तार

10. insubstantial :: असाध्य

11. thrown together :: एक साथ फेंक दिया

12. makeshift :: अस्थायी

13. inferior :: अवर

14. poor-quality :: खराब गुणवत्ता

15. second-rate :: दूसरे दर्जे का

16. cheap :: सस्ता

17. cheapjack :: cheapjack

18. tawdry :: चमकी का

19. kitsch :: किच

20. kitschy ::

21. chintzy :: chintzy

22. trashy :: तुच्छ

23. dime-store :: सस्ती दुकान

24. tacky :: चिपचिपा

25. junky ::

26. cheapo :: cheapo

27. schlocky ::

28. low-rent :: कम किराया

Different forms

gimcrack, gimcracks

English to Hindi Dictionary: gimcrack
Meaning and definitions of gimcrack, translation in Hindi language for gimcrack with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of gimcrack in Hindi and in English language.

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What gimcrack means in Hindi, gimcrack meaning in Hindi, gimcrack definition, examples and pronunciation of gimcrack in Hindi language.

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