English to Hindi Meaning :: blather

बकवास करना, बकवास बोलना
Blather :
बकवास करना
- बकवास करनाblatheredblatheringblathers

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Noun(1) foolish gibberish
Verb(1) to talk foolishly

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(1) Ironically, given all the contemporary blather about ethics, it's much easier for today's ethically challenged reporter to thrive.(2) Real thinking should prevail, not liberal blather .(3) Now, I've no specific objection to one's needy compulsion to share mundane personal blather but, for myself, I find it pointless and distracting.(4) There will also be the usual blather about healing wounds and moving on, but such false consolation will ring especially hollow this time around.(5) I think that between the heat and her blather , I might well have been physically sick if I'd had to attend.(6) In an age in which billions would starve if not for the use of artificial fertilizers in agriculture, they blather on about small-scale organic farming.(7) While these changes seem like legalese blather , they actually represent a significant change in policy.(8) This kind of blather , meaningless but essentially harmless, suggests that he might be perfectly suited to make the leap from show business to politics.(9) all the blather coming out of Washington about crime(10) Most of it is uninspired blather - and usually wrong.(11) That dried-up worthless twit once again obscures the real point with blather .(12) The blather from both sides obscures the real, but largely hidden, agenda behind the tax cuts.(13) I am not one for sentimental blather .(14) Why not drop in daily for your regular dose of nonsensical blather , rambling introspection and stolen links?(15) Now, I've a great deal of respect for him, but clearly this is blather of the first order.(16) Come on, let's hear some more of your childish blather .
1. prattle ::
चूं-चूं करना
2. babble ::
3. chatter ::
4. twitter ::
5. prate ::
खोल देना
6. go on ::
जारी रखें
8. rattle on ::
पर खड़खड़
9. yap ::
10. jabber ::
11. maunder ::
12. ramble ::
13. burble ::
14. drivel ::
बेहूदा बात
15. blabber ::
16. gab ::
17. yak ::
18. yatter ::
19. yammer ::
शिकायत करना
20. bloviate ::
21. talk a blue streak ::
एक नीले रंग की लकीर बात
22. prattle ::
चूं-चूं करना
23. chatter ::
24. twitter ::
25. babble ::
27. gabble ::
28. jabber ::
30. yatter ::
31. twaddle ::
बकवास, गपशप
32. gobbledygook ::
33. verbal diarrhea ::
मौखिक दस्त
Different Forms
blather, blathered, blathering, blathers
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