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Aspirate :
महाप्राण (व्‍यंजन), एक ही श्‍वास में ह ध्‍वनि से युक्‍त उच्‍चरित (व्‍यंजन) जैसे ख, ध, थ आदि - महाप्राणमहाप्राणaspiratedरेस्पायरेट्रसAspirating
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Noun(1) a consonant pronounced with aspiration
Verb(1) remove by suction(2) pronounce with aspiration; of stop sounds(3) inhale (air, water, etc.

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(1) In four of nine cases, the same pathogen was diagnosed both in serum and in the nasopharyngeal aspirate .(2) To confirm a suspected second relapse, a bone marrow aspirate and core biopsy were performed.(3) Likewise, observing the appearance of feeding tube aspirate is also unreliable because gastric contents can look similar to respiratory secretions.(4) Bronchial aspirate were obtained by aseptic technique using a sterile suction catheter each time.(5) Many foods can be dangerous for small children since they can aspirate the items, which will result in blockage of the breathing passages.(6) Iron staining of the bone marrow aspirate revealed increased storage iron.(7) He was a ÔÇÿsobber,ÔÇÖ and many of his phrases are broken or studded with unnecessary (but very emotional!) aspirates .(8) He aspirated some water and another coughing spasm started.(9) In addition, there was a possibility that Sarah had aspirated vomit.(10) In fact, air flow continues at a very high rate for a very long time in these sounds relative to aspirates .(11) The use of a homogenous intake charge lessens the chance of detonation, making it possible to run higher compression ratios on both naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines.(12) A volume of 60 ml of blood was aspirated from his knee.(13) The new generation produces about the same horsepower, naturally aspirated , as the old turbocharged engine.(14) Blood should be cultured from all patients who have aspirated water.(15) If there is a substantial lag between the release of the closure of a stop or the end of the frication of an affricate, and the onset of voicing in the vowel, it is said to be aspirated .(16) At autopsy, all remaining pleural fluid was aspirated from the right pleural space.
Related Words
(1) aspirate ::
1. draw out ::
बाहर खींचना
2. suck out ::
Different Forms
aspirate, aspirated, aspirates, aspirating
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