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पूर्वपद, पूर्ववर्ती, पूरब की ओर जा रहा है, पिछला, भूतपूर्व, पूर्व, पूर्वकाल का
पूर्वपद, खातिर, कारण, प्रेरणा, जड़

Antecedent    :पूर्वपद


Antecedent - पूर्वपद

Antecedents :: पिछला जीवन


Related Words


1. previous :: पिछला


2. ancestor :: पूर्वज

3. precursor :: अग्रगामी

4. forerunner :: पूर्वज


1. consequence :: परिणाम

2. corollary :: परिणाम

3. development :: विकास

4. effect :: प्रभाव

5. fate :: किस्मत

6. fruit :: फल

7. issue :: मुद्दा

8. outcome :: परिणाम

9. outgrowth :: परिणाम

10. product :: उत्पाद

11. result :: परिणाम

12. sequel :: परिणाम

13. sequence :: अनुक्रम

14. upshot :: परिणाम

Different forms

antecedent, antecedents

English to Hindi Dictionary: antecedent
Meaning and definitions of antecedent, translation in Hindi language for antecedent with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of antecedent in Hindi and in English language.

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What antecedent means in Hindi, antecedent meaning in Hindi, antecedent definition, examples and pronunciation of antecedent in Hindi language.

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