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से, तक, के लिये, के पास, की ओर, के प्रति, सेवा में, की तरफ़सेवा में (पत्राचार के संदर्भ में)
To :
सेवा मेरे
- सेवा मेरेपंजेपैर की उंगलियों

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Preposition(1) expressing motion in the direction of (a particular location).(2) identifying the person or thing affected.(3) identifying a particular relationship between one person and another.(4) indicating that two things are attached.(5) concerning or likely to concern (something, especially something abstract).(6) governing a phrase expressing someone's reaction to something.(7) used to introduce the second element in a comparison.
Adverb(1) so as to be closed or nearly closed.
_empty_(1) used with the base form of a verb to indicate that the verb is in the infinitive, in particular.(2) used without a verb following when the missing verb is clearly understood.
Abbreviation(1) turnover.

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(1) he was assistant to the great artist(2) a threat to world peace(3) a prelude to disaster(4) the crisis came to a head(5) The children cry themselves to sleep from hunger.(6) he has a positive attitude to children(7) They commissioned GAD Architecture, a firm founded in Turkey that has since moved to New York.(8) The working week is Monday to Friday.(9) He actually dropped to the ground just as a giant pickup rolled over him.(10) Alberto is single, while Ernesto is committed to his pretty, aristocratic girlfriend.(11) this disease can lead to death(12) the idea came to fruition(13) It is in the phone company's interest to get more homes linked to the Internet at very high rates of speed.(14) made to order(15) a scale of one inch to the mile(16) Apologies followed, and at five to three the belated ceremony commenced to the relief of all concerned.
Related Words
1. to ::
सेवा मेरे
2. for the sake of ::
की ख़ातिर
3. because of ::
की वजह से
4. with regard to ::
के संबंध में
5. on account of ::
की वजह से
6. owing to ::
के कारण
7. from ::
8. since ::
9. near ::
पास में
10. by ::
11. beside ::
के बगल में
13. unto ::
14. on ::
15. at ::
16. until ::
जब तक
17. till ::
जब तक
18. toward ::
की ओर
19. on the part of ::
इसके भाग के रूप में
20. close to ::
पास में
21. proximate to ::
के निकट
22. with ::
साथ में
23. according to ::
इसके अनुसार
24. in accordance with ::
के अनुसार
25. after ::
26. in conformity with ::
के अनुरूप
27. in imitation of ::
की नकल में
28. before ::
से पहले
29. in front of ::
30. afore ::
31. in the direction of ::
की दिशा में
32. onto ::
33. in a state of ::
हमारे क्षेत्र मे
34. under ::
के अंतर्गत
35. in condition of ::
की हालत में
36. into ::
37. above ::
38. ere ::
39. concerning ::
विषय में
40. regarding ::
के बारे में
41. as to ::
के रूप में
42. as regards ::
संबंध के रूप में
43. with respect to ::
इसके संबंध में
44. for ::
के लिये
1. after ::
2. following ::
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