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हाथापाई, लड़ाई, गड़बड़ उच्चारण, अव्यवस्थित उच्चारण, मार-पीटजल्दबाज़ी से काम करना, लड़ना, हाथापाई करना, झगड़ना, पैर रगड़कर चलना, पैर घसीटकर चलना, कुदाल से खोदना, खुरपनापैर घसीट कर चलना, गुत्थमगुत्था, धक्का मुक्की, छीना-झपटी
Scuffle :
- हाथापाईscuffledहाथापाईscuffling

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Noun(1) disorderly fighting(2) a hoe that is used by pushing rather than pulling(3) an unceremonious and disorganized struggle
Verb(1) walk by dragging one's feet(2) fight or struggle in a confused way at close quarters

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(1) he heard the scuffle of feet(2) The scuffling of boots and the softer clip-clop of a woman's heels brought his thoughts from Caroline.(3) When the first rays of the sun hit her, she got up and scuffled away from them, as if they would melt her.(4) Outside the hotel where the auction took place Tuesday, several protesters scuffled with security guards when they tried to push into the ballroom to block the sales.(5) Dancers slathered their bodies with paint and scuffled in sand on the floor.(6) Evidence of past scuffles showed in the extra solid nature of the tables and chairs, and the lack of anything breakable not far enough behind the bar to be out of the reach of possible combatants.(7) To complete the afternoon, I heard a scuffling downstream followed by a squeal.(8) The owls hooted as they hid in the darkness of the sycamores which in turn murmurs among them, the occasional scuffling of a hedgehog was heard and the sequel of a mouse caught by a fox.(9) Cole scuffled over, his hands in his pockets and his eyes downcast.(10) Soon, scuffles broke out, spears were thrown, and muskets discharged.(11) She loved his kindness and his silliness, though she was a little unnerved by his desire to get into scuffles .(12) He and Tino had even scuffled on occasion, always over women.(13) Then, having lost her nerve already by her mother's harsh words, she scuffled back towards the exit in retreat.(14) It is common for the great ones of this world to travel incognito, call it a game they play with all of us, laughing and finding amusement in our trivial scuffles and problems.(15) A few scuffles with the law culminated in a year of jail time.(16) The inevitability of globalization was evident even to the demonstrators who scuffled with armed Swiss national police units in seeking to disrupt the proceedings.
Related Words
(1) scuffle hoe ::
हाथापाई कुदाल
1. fight ::
2. scuffle hoe ::
हाथापाई कुदाल
3. rough-and-tumble ::
उबड़ - खाबड़ और लुढ़कना
4. scramble ::
5. fight ::
6. shuffle ::
7. tussle ::
1. breeze ::
2. coast ::
3. glide ::
4. slide ::
फिसल पट्टी
5. waltz ::
6. whisk ::
Different Forms
scuffle, scuffled, scuffles, scuffling
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