English to Hindi Meaning :: salivate

राल निकालना, अधिक लार ब्हाना, मुख में बारंबार थूक आनाथूकना, मुंह आना
Salivate :
राल निकालना
- राल निकालनाsalivatedsalivatesमुँह में पानी

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Verb(1) produce saliva(2) be envious, desirous, eager for, or extremely happy about something

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(1) the delicious aroma of rich stews made us salivate(2) Any new books coming for your fans to salivate in anticipation of?(3) Having found a way of measuring their salivation in response to food he noticed that the dogs started to salivate before they were given the food.(4) Pavlov's dog began to salivate when he rang a bell, conditioned to expect food when it heard the noise.(5) There were a multitude of candelabra wicks ignited within the pantry, and the smell of food made her salivate .(6) Each dish looks almost like their real world counterparts: just about enough to make you salivate at the food.(7) Just by smelling that homemade apple pie or thinking about how delicious that ice cream sundae is going to taste, you begin to salivate - and the digestive process kicks in, preparing for that first scrumptious bite.(8) Pavlov's dogs, which were trained to expect food to appear shortly after the ringing of a bell, came to treat the ringing bell as an index of food to come and would salivate merely on hearing the bell.(9) The dog will learn to salivate when it hears a buzzer, even if food is no longer present.(10) The aroma of the warm bread, the melted cheese on the baked potatoes and her aunt's special stew made her salivate .(11) Dogs would begin to salivate when the food arrived.(12) Sam sighed with relief and smiled at Meila as their order arrived, the aroma of the food made Meila salivate with hunger.(13) The menu featured consistently good, clean, well-prepared Italian food, if nothing to salivate over all week.(14) Either way, nothing beats strawberry season - standing in the patch, when the aroma of strawberries floats by you on the breeze and you start to salivate in anticipation.(15) There weren't English menus, but there was a great picture of each item, making us salivate in anticipation.(16) Eventually, too, India's batsmen, or so one presumes, are too gifted to hibernate for too long and their spinners must be salivating at the sight of dusty pitches.
1. drool ::
Different Forms
salivate, salivated, salivates, salivating
English to Hindi Dictionary: salivate

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