English to Hindi Meaning :: ruffle

चिढ़ाना, झालकर बनाना, व्याकुल करनाझालर, विकलता, परेशानी, घबड़ाहट, ढोल का धीमा शब्दगुलूबंद
Ruffle :
- चिढ़ानाझालरदारझमेलेंruffling

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Noun(1) a strip of pleated material used as a decoration or a trim(2) a high tight collar(3) a noisy fight
Verb(1) stir up (water(2) trouble or vex(3) to walk with a lofty proud gait, often in an attempt to impress others(4) discompose(5) twitch or flutter(6) mix so as to make a random order or arrangement(7) erect or fluff up(8) disturb the smoothness of(9) pleat or gather into a ruffle

Show Examples

(1) His reaction to the film, reportedly based on the life of his father, is in keeping with his nature - the question does not ruffle his equanimity.(2) It didn't ruffle him in the slightest; if anything, his smile broadened.(3) My very favorite skirt has a subtle ruffle along the hem, it's not ultra-girly but it gives it a little something extra.(4) Yet she has never allowed petty jealousies to ruffle her.(5) It would just sit there, ruffle its clipped wing feathers and continue its neurotic seed shovelling and beak swinging.(6) She appeared in a white suit jacket with an apricot blouse and a prim ruffle down the front.(7) Nothing seemed to ruffle him and, what he may have lacked in attentiveness, he made up in luck.(8) Aaron had been so cool and composed a moment ago, as if nothing in the world could ruffle him.(9) It would take someone a lot more important than you to ruffle me.(10) It was nice to know that something could ruffle the pompous guard.(11) Edith wore a sweet pink gingham dress with a white ruffle at the hem and a white apron.(12) Perhaps that's the problem; her singing is almost always sunny - violent emotions don't ruffle her composure for long.(13) They started with the sounding of a bugle, leading in to a drum ruffle from the drum corps, and then swinging into their rock group performance.(14) If he should rage, his act will not ruffle me, for I shall play the wise man's part and practice a smooth-tempered self-control!(15) Snorkel early in the day, before Hawaii's trade winds ruffle the surface and stir up sand in the water, which reduces visibility.(16) These are your family men who ruffle their kids' hair and leave for office everyday in their neat clothes.
Related Words
(1) dust ruffle ::
धुल अस्त - व्यस्त करना
1. frill ::
2. furbelow ::
3. disturbance ::
4. ruff ::
एक प्रकार की मछली
5. disarrange ::
हंगामा करना
6. ripple ::
7. annoy ::
झुंझुला देना
8. shuffle ::
9. pleat ::
10. flick ::
11. prance ::
12. fluff ::
13. rumple ::
Different Forms
ruffle, ruffled, ruffles, ruffling
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