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दबाव डालना, दबानासमदाबक्षम, वायुदाबक्षम, वायुयान आदि को ऐसा बनाना कि वायुचाप, तापमान आदि इस प्रकार नियंत्रित हों कि बिना असुविधा और ऑक्‍सीजन के यथेष्‍ट उड़ान ले सके
Pressurize :
दबाव डालना
- दबाव डालनाdepressurizeदबावpressurizesदबाव

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Verb(1) increase the pressure on a gas or liquid(2) maintain a certain pressure(3) increase the pressure in or of

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(1) The more we pressurize an ordinary child to perform like a highly talented one, the greater and faster will be his/her degeneration.(2) This gives the family enough time to pressurize the girl and influence the nature of the statement she gives.(3) In one exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a pressurization cylinder, and a piston which is slidable within the cylinder to pressurize a gas.(4) All they have to do is pressurize the cabin and get your box to the right place.(5) I'm fairly certain that the Motorola product doesn't pressurize the methanol and thus with no pressure, there's nothing to explode at all.(6) don't let anyone pressurize you into snap decisions(7) Full disclosure postings are an effective means to pressurise vendors into producing more secure software, he argues.(8) We saw in the previous sections that packaged bacteriophage capsids are pressurized with pressures as high as 60 atm.(9) Aircraft pressurization is provided by two engine-driven compressors (EDCs): one on the No.2 engine and the other on the No.3 engine.(10) Patients, their families and relatives will also be asked to pressurise local politicians to force the Government to halt the cutbacks.(11) These portable torches use pressurized tanks of propane and, if handled carelessly, can be hazardous.(12) If you had your choice of any pressurized , six-passenger single-engine aircraft available today, which one would you choose and why?(13) Methanol fuel cells can work off small, nonpressurized cartridges of the liquid while hydrogen-fuelled PEFCs require pressurized hydrogen gas.(14) In handling, the 210 was more of a Cadillac to the Bonanza's Corvette, but the Centurion was to evolve through turbocharging and pressurization over nearly a third of a century of production.(15) ÔÇÿAlthough aircraft cabins are pressurized , being on an aircraft is not the same as being at home,ÔÇÖ says Dr. Claypool.(16) This fitting design actually pressurizes the fuel tank and forces gasoline out of the fill pipe and it flows into the bilge.
1. supercharge ::
अत्यधिक प्रभावकारी
Different Forms
depressurize, depressurizes, pressurize, pressurized, pressurizes, pressurizing
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