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बकबक करना, अनाड़ियों के या बहके-बहके ढंग से बात करना, अनाड़ियों जैसी बातचीततुतराना, चहकना, बकना, गपशप करना, चूं-चूं करना
Prattle :
चूं-चूं करना
- चूं-चूं करनाprattledprattlesprattling

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Noun(1) idle or foolish and irrelevant talk
Verb(1) speak (about unimportant matters

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(1) And a number of people have thought that the debate has shifted to tax but in fact that has only been elite prattle .(2) We can now expect a deluge of such laughable assertions - not only from leading lights of the Republican and Democratic parties but also from a remarkable number of journalists who feel compelled to echo that kind of prattle .(3) Of course, the subjective part to all this was the abundant prattle about the ÔÇÿend of ideologyÔÇÖ.(4) Remember, I don't write all my inane prattle here for personal or financial benefit, but merely to try and lighten the dark corners of your souls, and edify your weary minds.(5) He was right to seek the solitary company of lizards rather than prattle around the camp fire with his fellow ÔÇÿcontestantsÔÇÖ.(6) Hollywood activists have such an inflated sense of their own importance they think any hindrance of their own prattle is the equivalent of censorship or cracking down on dissent.(7) do you intend to keep up this childish prattle?(8) What does he really mean when uttering such ahistoric prattle ?(9) she began to prattle on about her visit to the dentist(10) But that is as much to do with her Yorkshire upbringing as long months spent puncturing parliamentary prattle .(11) If we find few to communicate with, maybe we shall be pleased to find in our grandchildren a docile generation willing to lend an ear to our prattle .(12) Now, you can't hold him responsible for the random prattle of his siblingÔǪ(13) After about half an hour of incessant prattle , an elderly man rose shakily from his seat and, with all his strength, slammed shut the door leading to vestibule.(14) He listened gracefully to my enthusiastic amateur prattle as we left.(15) Yes, for only four easy payments of $39.95 you'll receive an album of audio cassettes with hours and hours of what at first seems babbling prattle , but on closer inspection is much, much more.(16) I have to say it has been bliss not being subject to his constant prattle , and I have taken a certain sadistic pleasure in seeing him squirm when he is forced to talk to me when I assign him unpleasant work tasks.
Related Words
(1) lovers' prattle ::
प्रेमियों 'बकबक
1. blether ::
2. idle talk ::
आदर्श बात
3. prate ::
खोल देना
4. chin music ::
ठोड़ी संगीत
5. blab ::
6. piffle ::
7. palaver ::
8. gabble ::
9. prate ::
खोल देना
10. blabber ::
11. gibber ::
12. chatter ::
13. twaddle ::
बकवास, गपशप
14. tattle ::
15. clack ::
16. tittle-tattle ::
झूठी अफ़वाह
17. maunder ::
Different Forms
prattle, prattled, prattles, prattling
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