English to Hindi Meaning :: orate

भाषण करनाभाषण देना, व्यक्त करना, वक्ता बनना
Orate :
भाषण करना
- भाषण करनाoratedoratesorating

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Verb(1) talk pompously

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(1) Republican State Chairman Tina Benkiser will orate , flanked by representatives of organizations such as the Southern Baptists and the Texas Conference of Churches.(2) I recall, in my time here as a whip, which was some time ago, listening to him lamenting how members in the House had lost the ability to orate with skill.(3) Our President isn't just going to just stand on a box and orate all the time.(4) Candidates may not move about the stage as they orate , nor may they question each other.(5) Ken Livingstone eventually emerged to orate about the day's Olympic bid.(6) Still, with the thundering voice I'll bet he could certainly orate from the top of that tower.(7) Ali squeezed between the tables to capture our full attention, and began to orate : ÔÇÿToday, my dears, we have some specials.ÔÇÖ(8) And if the television shows she had selected began to lose her attention, she'd orate .(9) Sticking to his set speech he orated on governance and standards.(10) And Adams, who the world likes, is there, orating , in the middle of what the world certainly does not like.(11) Whereas Olivier orates in his first scenes, Branagh converses.(12) He lectured pairs of tourists, gestured and orated grandly, tried to recruit them to his cause, and promptly forgot that he ever saw them.(13) The girl or woman he was addressing seemed to be expected to sit in silence, marvelling at the brilliance of the person orating at her.(14) When the headmaster attempted to take the money, the speaker moved it just beyond grasp while he orated on and on and on.(15) I remember him orating to a crowd of 200 or so steel workers, and someone shouted, ÔÇÿWinterbottom, you're a nutcaseÔÇÖ.(16) At the podium he stood erect as if he were Adolf orating to a crowd of Hitler Youths.
Related Words
1. declaim ::
2. make a speech ::
भाषण देना
3. hold forth ::
आगे पकड़ना
4. speak ::
5. discourse ::
6. pontificate ::
प्रधान पादरी
7. preach ::
धर्म का उपदेश देना
8. sermonize ::
प्रचार करना
9. sound off ::
10. spout off ::
बंद का तूफ़ान
11. speechify ::
व्याख्यान देना
12. spiel ::
13. bloviate ::
14. perorate ::
Different Forms
orate, orated, orates, orating
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