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Lungfish :
फुफ्फुस मछली
- फुफ्फुस मछली

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Noun(1) air-breathing fish having an elongated body and fleshy paired fins; certain species construct mucus-lined mud coverings in which to survive drought

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(1) Today lungs are found not only in land vertebrates but also in a few obscure fish lineages, such as gar, bichir, and lungfish .(2) The lungfish use lungs as accessory breathing organs, and during droughts modern forms can survive for several years in burrows.(3) Tiktaalik would have breathed like a lungfish , says Clack, senior assistant curator at Cambridge's University Museum of Zoology.(4) Tetrapods are part of a larger groups called Sarcopterygii, which also includes several groups of lobe-finned fish, such as lungfish and the coelacanth.(5) This looks a little like a lungfish and is half fish, half eel shaped.(6) Long shots for the title include caviar-producing sturgeon, goliath Amazon catfish, giant lungfish , razor-toothed gars, massive cods, and Mongolian salmon.(7) These include lungfish , Arapaima, tambaqui, piranha, Hydrolycus, and goliath and pirarara catfishes.(8) He grumbled, rapidly crawling ahead at a rate I'd never have expected to see in a land-adapted fish, be it a walking catfish or a lungfish .(9) Compare with the lungfish , another example of living fossil.(10) Freshwater types continued to flourish, including the rhizodonts and lungfish .(11) Tetrapods, whose closest living relatives are lungfish , have two main groups: amphibians and amniotes.(12) The fins are very flexible and potentially useful for supporting the body on land, as in lungfish and tetrapods.(13) A third group of fishes, the lungfishes or fishes that can breathe on land, survive today as freshwater fishes in Queensland.(14) Although the molecules function at high oxygen concentrations in sharks, lungfishes , and even tetrapods, they are most efficient at releasing oxygen in those conditions in codfish and other modern fish.(15) The ray-fins include the thousands of familiar sport and commercial fishes, but of the lobe-fins, only eight species survive, six lungfishes and two coelacanths.(16) There are five hypaxial muscles in both the African and South American lungfishes .
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(1) lungfish ::
फुफ्फुस मछली
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