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अमर, अविनाशी, अमिट, भावस्मरणीयअविस्मरणीय
Immortal :
अजर अमर
- अजर अमरअमरताअमर करनानित्यअमर

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Noun(1) a person (such as an author(2) any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
Adjective(1) not subject to death

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(1) If he's the author, he deserves immortal renown.(2) The keep was a magnificent sight; it had existed on Vineguard Isle for as long as even the immortal elves could remember.(3) Kit used to be an angel, an immortal , and now he's a human.(4) So they have a special drink called nectar, and they eat food which is ambrosia, which is immortal .(5) But most people's second reaction was to remember all the immortal moments and, let's be honest, there were hundreds of them.(6) But slaying an ancient immortal changed his heart, and he walked away from the sword about 1500 years ago.(7) His genius was recognized during his life, and his work has become immortal .(8) Deflated and confused, he proceeded to utter an immortal phrase which I will never forget.(9) He ate the fruit out of love for her, risking death and choosing her over immortal bliss.(10) He was of an ancient race- an immortal race- and he had no intention of dying.(11) It redefines community with its never-ending reservoirs of immortal classics to improvise, reshape and bring in new meaning to melodies.(12) They're vampires immortal beings what would they possibly have to benefit from me?(13) One great illustration is Mark Twain's immortal classic, Huckleberry Finn.(14) It has also hit upon the idea of spreading this immortal classic among the grown-ups.(15) And as with talents, so too with desires and temperaments: some crave immortal fame, others merely comfortable preservation.(16) Indeed, developments in science and the philosophy of mind make it increasingly difficult - though certainly not impossible - to maintain that humans have immortal souls.
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Different Forms
immortal, immortality, immortalize, immortalizes, immortally, immortals
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