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कण्ठस्थ, कण्ठ से उच्चारण किया हुआ, कण्ठ-संबंधीकण्ठ से उच्चारित स्वरकंठ्य, कंठ का, कंठ संबंधी, कंठ्य ध्वनी
Guttural :
- कण्ठस्थgutturals

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Noun(1) a consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat
Adjective(1) like the sounds of frogs and crows(2) relating to or articulated in the throat

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(1) Though he couldn't understand the words, it sounded like more guttural then anything else he'd heard in his life.(2) I am struck by owner Eddy's softly spoken Swedish, in contrast to the usual more guttural pronunciation.(3) He started chanting the incantation of a dark spell, full of ugly guttural sounds.(4) It starts off with three or four high-pitched peeps in rather quick succession; then the bird launches into a raspy, guttural shriek; and then the bird whistles a few warbling notes as a coda.(5) The whatever-it-was uttered something in a harsh, guttural language.(6) As they moved off, a group of shadows detached themselves from the darkness and followed them, speaking in the guttural speech of Orc.(7) And in 1995, the blind musician became the first American ever to compete in an unusual contest of multi-harmonic - and highly guttural - throat singing.(8) The low guttural syllables meant nothing to her, but the weary tone did.(9) I no sooner cleared the tree line when I heard a deep guttural growl behind me.(10) After months of therapy, she recovered physically and could make guttural sounds.(11) One night someone came up to us talking in a guttural tone.(12) It's full of phonemes, guttural exclamations and limpid hisses.(13) As students, they are grim-faced and punctuate their training with odd, guttural sounds, and as instructors they tend to be intensely rank-conscious and overbearing.(14) He spoke in a deep guttural voice and somewhat under his breath.(15) The voice was a low, guttural growl; the question was given as a command.(16) Deep guttural growls came from the alleyway, as well as fearful whimpering.
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लगाकर गुर्राता
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Different Forms
guttural, gutturals
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