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देना, सौंपना, उपहार देना, बांटना, चुकाना, दिखलाना, वसीयत करना, हवाले करना, बदले में देना, उत्पन्न करना, आरोपित करनालचीलापन, तन्यकताअर्पित करना, प्रदान करना
Give :
- देनादेता हैदे रही हैgivings

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Noun(1) the elasticity of something that can be stretched and returns to its original length
Verb(1) cause to have, in the abstract sense or physical sense(2) be the cause or source of(3) transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody(4) convey or reveal information(5) convey, as of a compliment, regards, attention, etc.; bestow(6) organize or be responsible for(7) convey or communicate; of a smile, a look, a physical gesture(8) give as a present; make a gift of(9) cause to happen or be responsible for(10) dedicate(11) give or supply(12) transmit (knowledge or skills(13) bring about(14) leave with; give temporarily(15) emit or utter(16) endure the loss of

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(1) give him his due(2) don't give me any of your back talk(3) As well as missing his company, he often mentioned what he would give for the same opportunity.(4) She's pretty, you have to give her that much.(5) give me the police(6) some people give a lot of themselves(7) I give my honour that I shall be ready to depart by the middle of April.(8) Thai fishcakes tend to have a foam-like quality: like padded cushions with a bit of a give .(9) And by the time the voters have had enough of this, the banking tax scandal will be long forgotten - I'd give it a week at most.(10) give my love to all the girls(11) If all this sounds familiar, give yourself a pat on the back for paying attention.(12) You do these things because you hope that they will give you pleasure.(13) Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Queen!(14) The hearing ended on Thursday and Mr Justice Sullivan will give his judgement this week.(15) when two people who don't get on are thrust together, something's got to give(16) They seemed to enjoy themselves as I heard her give an annoyingly sweet laugh.
Related Words
(1) give up ::
छोड़ दो
1. elasticity ::
2. spring ::
3. present with ::
के साथ उपस्थित
4. convey to ::
को बताना
5. entrust ::
6. sacrifice ::
7. allow ::
अनुमति देते हैं
8. show ::
9. cause ::
10. produce ::
उत्पादित करें
11. organize ::
12. perform ::
13. utter ::
14. administer ::
प्रशासन के
15. give way ::
रास्ता दें
16. open ::
17. pay ::
18. devote ::
19. founder ::
20. grant ::
21. pass on ::
आगे बढ़ना
22. generate ::
23. make ::
24. feed ::
25. render ::
प्रस्तुत करना
26. yield ::
27. gift ::
29. afford ::
30. contribute ::
31. throw ::
32. leave ::
33. establish ::
स्थापित करना
34. apply ::
लागू करें
1. hold ::
2. keep ::
3. retain ::
बनाए रखने के
Different Forms
give, gives, giving, givings
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