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जंभाई, घूरने की क्रिया, विच्छेद, भंग, दरारताकना, तड़पना, जंभाई लेना, जम्हाई लेना, मुंह बानाना, फाड़ना, विस्मय से देखना, हक्का-बक्का रह जानामुंह फैलाना, जंभ, मुंह फाड़कर देखना
Gape :
- जंभाईgapedमुर्गों की एक बीमारीदूरी

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Noun(1) an expression of openmouthed astonishment(2) a stare of amazement (usually with the mouth open
Verb(1) look with amazement; look stupidly(2) be wide open

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(1) For those few seconds, my mouth was dropped in a gape and I stayed calm except for my heavy nervous breathing.(2) This gave the placoderms a distinctively narrow gape .(3) Tadpoles that live this way have a broad tail, a wide, rounded body, and a peculiar mouth totally unlike the familiar smiling gape of a frog.(4) Zander mouths have a smaller gape than pike, so although large fish are almost exclusively piscivorous, they take much smaller prey than a pike of similar size.(5) In large carnivores with very long canines, such as the gorgonopsians and some therocephalians, a wide gape was necessary, and so a secure attachment of the lower jaw is required.(6) The birds' large gape and manoeuvrable flight help them to catch their prey.(7) Daniel's mouth fell open in a gape of astonishment.(8) They have a large gape which allows them to feed on very large fish by chopping them in half.(9) a gape of the jaws(10) The perch has the large eye and wide gape of an active hunter.(11) Furthermore, the gape of the animal would need to accommodate the 8 cm span of the radius and ulna and would surely cause damage to the ulna shaft that is not observed on the specimen.(12) The Frogmouths derive the name due to the extraordinarily large gape and the small grey flap on the tongue.(13) Swifts feed on the wing, and their large gape enables them to catch insects while in flight.(14) The moveable front part of the cranium provides a larger gape when the mouth is opened, and this may be advantageous in feeding.(15) My mouth dropped in a gape , as I fought to find the right words to say to her.(16) She was holding a champagne glass, the liquid half gone, and was grasping the doorframe, her mouth in a permanent gape .
Related Words
(1) gape ::
1. stare ::
एकटक देखना
2. open wide ::
पूरा खोलो
3. yaw ::
रास्ते से हटना
4. goggle ::
आंख मारना
Different Forms
gape, gaped, gapes, gaping
English to Hindi Dictionary: gape

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