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करना, काम करना, कार्य करना, व्यवहार करना, हो जाना, बनना, अध्ययन करना, सीखना, सहायता देना, बना देना, बना लेना, राज़ी होना, राज़ी हो जाना, ले आना, लाना, मदद देना, हल करना, उपयुक्त करना, धोखा देना, बनाना, पेशे के रूप में करना, छान-बीन करनाझूठ, धोखा, ढकोसला, छल, धूर्तता, मनोविनोद, सौदा, सेवा, लेन-देनसमाप्त करना, पूरा करना, संपन्न करना
Do :
- करकर देता हैकरते हुएडॉस

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Noun(1) a party or other social event.(2) a swindle or hoax.(3) (in solmization) the first and eighth note of a major scale.
Verb(1) perform (an action, the precise nature of which is often unspecified).(2) achieve or complete, in particular.(3) act or behave in a specified way.(4) be suitable or acceptable.(5) beat up; kill.(6) prosecute; convict.(7) used before a verb (except be , can , may , ought , shall , will ) in questions and negative statements.(8) used to refer to a verb already mentioned.(9) used to give emphasis to a positive verb.(10) used with inversion of a subject and verb when an adverbial phrase begins a clause for emphasis.
Abbreviation(1) ditto.

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(1) do you have any pets?(2) I do want to act on this(3) there's little we can do about it now(4) the walk will do me good(5) she gave them some sums to do(6) do tell me!(7) They'll do themselves harm one way or another.(8) I'll do you a deal(9) What exactly is it that you do ?(10) can you do me a favour?(11) No one can do the Queen like you! I have found myself enthralled watching your portrayal of her.(12) It's not what I would have hoped for, but it'll have to do .(13) What does your dad do for a living?(14) he wanted to do my portrait(15) In this, your time of crisis, what can we Americans do to help?(16) they have a family do tomorrow
Related Words
1. party ::
2. ut ::
3. bash ::
दे घुमा के
5. act ::
6. suffice ::
पूरा करना
7. prepare ::
तैयार करना
8. make ::
9. decorate ::
सजाने के लिए
10. style ::
12. grant ::
13. work out ::
14. study ::
15. have as a job ::
एक नौकरी के रूप में है
17. drive at ::
पर गाड़ी चलायें
19. visit ::
20. practice ::
21. serve ::
सेवा कर
22. perform ::
23. manage ::
24. answer ::
25. get along ::
मिल कर रहो
26. coiffe ::
27. execute ::
28. behave ::
पेश आ
1. blemish ::
2. deface ::
बदनाम करना
3. disfigure ::
सौंदर्य नष्ट करना
4. mar ::
5. scar ::
चोट का निसान
6. spoil ::
Different Forms
do, dos
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