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विरूपित करना, सौंदर्य नष्ट करना, बदसूरत बनाना, कुरूप बनानाविरूप करना, कुरूप करना
Disfigure :
सौंदर्य नष्ट करना
- सौंदर्य नष्ट करनाविकृतविरूपताdisfiguresकुरूप

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Verb(1) mar or spoil the appearance of

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(1) And most residents are implacably opposed to the plan to disfigure our countryside with an immense powerline merely to satiate the electricity needs of the south of England.(2) Later I was charged for ÔÇÿwounding with intent to maim and disfigure a personÔÇÖ and bail was set at one thousand dollars.(3) They are a blight on many city centres and disfigure urban life to an intolerable degree.(4) I am not surprised the misguided people behind the ÔÇÿtraffic calming schemeÔÇÖ that now disfigures our village have so far failed to defend their work.(5) These humps can cause damage to the suspension and underside of cars driving legally at 30 mph or under, as well as disfiguring an attractive road.(6) I cannot see how disfiguring the building to make yet another hotel or gym would be of any major benefit to the town.(7) Do they suffer from receding hair, facial scars or other disfigurations ?(8) She was told she would need radical and disfiguring surgery and was warned she might not be able to eat and talk properly again.(9) We'll see if any horribly disfiguring scars turn up later.(10) The roadside can be beautiful with the fresh green of the grass, until it is disfigured by some vandals as they pass.(11) Their fighter's brutally disfigured foot cancels any hopes of victory.(12) Severe inflammatory acne can cause disfiguring cysts and deep scars.(13) The director said that the casual attitude of visitors had already cost the garden a lot of damage. " Many indulge in disfiguring trees and even steal precious plants.(14) It has affected the whole area, disfiguring the whole neighbourhood.(15) Even if he lived his injuries would leave deep scars, disfiguring him.(16) Rolando brushed the back of his hand across his upper lip where the scar disfigured his face.
1. mar ::
2. spoil ::
3. deface ::
बदनाम करना
4. scar ::
चोट का निसान
5. blemish ::
6. uglify ::
कुरूप कर देना
7. damage ::
8. injure ::
9. impair ::
10. blight ::
11. mutilate ::
पंगु बना देना
12. deform ::
ख़राब करना
13. maim ::
पंगु बनाना
14. ruin ::
15. vandalize ::
उपद्रव मचाना
1. doctor ::
2. fix ::
ठीक कर
3. mend ::
4. patch ::
5. rebuild ::
फिर से बनाना
6. recondition ::
फिर से संगठित करना
7. reconstruct ::
फिर से बनाना
8. renovate ::
अच्छी अवस्था में लाना
9. repair ::
10. revamp ::
Different Forms
disfigure, disfigured, disfigurement, disfigurements, disfigures, disfiguring
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