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हराना, तोड़ना, गड़बड़ करना, नाकाम करना, नाकम बनाना, परास्त करनालड़ाई में हराना, युद्ध में पराजित करना, विफ़ल कर देना, व्‍यर्थ करना, बिगाड़ देना
Discomfit :
गड़बड़ करना
- गड़बड़ करनाdiscomfiteddiscomfitingdiscomfitsपराजय

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Verb(1) cause to lose one's composure

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(1) For his part, he was coolness and dignity personified and rejected the chance to discomfit his opponent still further by insulting him.(2) Actions like these would threaten businesses and discomfit drivers.(3) More often, he uses his talents to discomfit people who deserve it, deflating the pretentious and humbling the arrogant.(4) Scenes will discomfit you, partly because the dialogue is not quite up to the mark in his quest for black humour.(5) It's a nifty device too, because it reminds you of the show's discomfiting ambiguity.(6) If a politician cannot speak discomfiting truths without being thrown out of office, then we can expect to have more politicians who will tell us comforting lies.(7) He displayed a charm in discomfiture that I always found disarming - as, I suspect, did the majority of the programme's fans.(8) She succeeded in discomfiting him even further.(9) His odd, slightly discomfiting palette-a range of hues informed by but not faithful to the colors of the natural world-contributes to a sense of disequilibrium.(10) Recently, I've found myself more than a little discomfited by examples of intolerance that seem to be cropping up around me.(11) Well, he's just made it clear that you've succeeded in discomfiting him and his crew.(12) This will spare you the discomfiture of having to discuss the realities of sex before your daughter is intellectually and emotionally ready to understand.(13) The poor boy was clearly discomfited , but we can never resist a mystery, so he gulped out an answer.(14) But they are discomfited by the normalcy of it all.(15) My students were not at all puzzled by this, although they were discomfited that their parents were paying six figures for such an education.(16) Her green eyes danced with laughter as she discomfited her brother.
1. embarrass ::
असमंजस में डालना
2. abash ::
लज्जित करना
3. disconcert ::
4. discompose ::
परेशान कर देना
5. discomfort ::
6. take aback ::
अचंभे में डालना
7. unsettle ::
अस्थिर करना
8. unnerve ::
शांत लेना
10. ruffle ::
11. confuse ::
12. fluster ::
13. agitate ::
उत्तेजित करना
14. disorient ::
गुमराह करना
15. upset ::
16. disturb ::
17. perturb ::
घबड़ा देना
18. distress ::
19. chagrin ::
20. mortify ::
अपमानित करना
21. faze ::
22. rattle ::
23. discombobulate ::
1. advance ::
2. cultivate ::
विकसित करना
3. encourage ::
प्रोत्साहित करना
4. forward ::
5. foster ::
6. further ::
आगे की
7. nurture ::
पालन ​​- पोषण करना
8. promote ::
को बढ़ावा देना
Different Forms
discomfit, discomfited, discomfiting, discomfits, discomfiture
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