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नीचा दिखाना, नीचा करना, नीचा कर देना, अपमानित करना, गर्व पर प्रहार करनापद घटाना, पद नीचा करना, पदच्युत करना, अवक्रमित करना, प्रतिष्ठाहीन करना
Degrade :
नीचा दिखाना
- नीचा दिखानाअपमानितdegradesअपमानजनक

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Verb(1) reduce the level of land, as by erosion(2) reduce in worth or character, usually verbally(3) lower the grade of something; reduce its worth

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(1) They can degrade air quality far from their sources.(2) In addition to harming the genetic composition of wild salmon, the conservationist maintains that hatcheries can degrade stream water quality and spread disease.(3) when exposed to light, the materials will degrade(4) Depilatories are put on skin to chemically degrade body hair.(5) These high concentrations can overload the ability of the soil to adsorb and degrade herbicides.(6) the bacteria will degrade hydrocarbons(7) Soy oil polymers must be heated to over 400Ôö¼ÔûæC before they degrade , making them more thermally stable than polyethylene or polystyrene.(8) They degrade members of our community who provide us with services.(9) This means that telomer alcohols are unlikely to degrade to carboxylic acids in city air.(10) Think about how plastic and rubber (made from hydrocarbons) degrade under exposure to sunlight.(11) Diamonds, symbols of eternity, are not forever - they will eventually degrade to worthless graphite.(12) Proleases are enzymes that have the capacity to hydrolyze peptide bonds and degrade other proteins.(13) The all-digital DVI stream avoids any conversion to analog, which can degrade the signal.(14) Soon, another graduate student there will work with Samac on expressing a new gene so that plants can degrade enough atrazine to be useful in cleaning up contaminated soil and water.(15) Through the innumerable small acts of everyday life, we slowly but steadily degrade the quality of the earth's air, water, soil and diversity of species.(16) Strong alkaline cleaners can remove or degrade the fluoro-polymers (which are not bonded to the concrete).
1. demean ::
नीचा दिखाना
2. break down ::
3. cheapen ::
सस्ता हो जाना
1. advance ::
2. elevate ::
ऊपर उठाना
3. promote ::
को बढ़ावा देना
4. raise ::
Different Forms
degrade, degraded, degrades, degrading
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